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Research Article
Removal of Cadmium from Water by Using Battery Industry Waste as Low-Cost Adsorbent

A. K. Minocha and Amit Bhatnagar

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2007, 1(1), 20-25.


A cheaper adsorbent has been prepared utilizing battery industry waste and investigated for the removal of cadmium from aqueous solutions. Its adsorption on prepared adsorbent was studied as a function of contact time, concentration and temperature. The results have shown that prepared adsorbent adsorbs cadmium to a sufficient extent (32.8 mg g-1). The adsorption has been found to be exothermic and data conform to Langmuir equation. The analysis of kinetic data indicates that adsorption is a first order process and pore diffusion controlled. As the prepared adsorbent shows satisfactory results in removing cadmium from water, therefore, it can be fruitfully used for the removal of metal ions from waste waters.

ASCI-ID: 68-16

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