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Research Article
Temperature, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids and Chemical Oxygen Demand of Groundwater in Boji-BojiAgbor/Owa Area and Immediate Suburbs

H.H. Oyem, I.M. Oyem and D. Ezeweali

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2014, 8(8), 444-450.


Temperature, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids and chemical oxygen demand in ground water of Agbor/Owa town and immediate suburbs were studied. Groundwater is the predominant source of water by inhabitants of these communities without any treatment. However, the quality of this water source is not immediately known, therefore, there is the question of its safety. Temperature readings were taken on site using mercury in glass thermometer, pH and conductance readings of the samples were quickly determined by Corning pH meter model 430 and DDS 307 conductivity meter, TDS and COD by APHA standard methods, respectively. Analyses reveal that temperature, pH, conductivity and TDS range of 27.0-28.1°C, pH was 6.10-6.97, conductivity 8.25-14.46 μS cm-1, TDS 4.13-7.22 mg L-1 and COD 46.80-93.60 mg L-1. Correlational matrix showed temperature correlated very positively with EC and TDS and to a lesser extent with COD. Other positive correlates were between: EC with temperature and TDS; TDS also showed very strong correlation with temperature and EC. The mean values recorded for all studied parameters were 27.7°C, 6.81, 11.08 μS cm-1, 5.53 and 62.72 mg L-1 for temperature, pH, EC, TDS and COD, respectively. These suggest that the groundwater is of rather good quality with values quite below and within the guideline values of WHO, USEPA and Nigerian water safety standards.

ASCI-ID: 68-418

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