Research Article
Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Fungal Growth and Associated Pathogens

M.S. Shathele

Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology, 2009, 3(2), 94-100.


Microorganisms from chlorine treated sewage water samples from Al-Ahsa municipal sewage plant were irradiated with gamma rays at doses of 10.0, 15.0, 20.0 and 25.0 kGy. The microorganisms identified were the filamentous fungi, Aspergillus fumigatus and Absedia spp. and the yeast Candida silvicola (Hansenula holstii), Cryptococcus laurentii and Candida sake. Microbial counts were made immediately after irradiation. Although, the damage to microorganisms increased with an increase in irradiation dose but even the highest dose did not completely sterilize the water. The microbiological results revealed that irradiation above 25.0 kGy completely inhibited the growth of all the microorganisms. However, a high dose of irradiation of 25.0 kGy did not show the inhibitory effect on the growth of Candida sake. Whereas Cryptococcus laurentii, Aspergillus fumigates and Absedia sp. were killed by10.0 kGy. The results obtained highlighted the potential of this technology for wastewater treatment.

ASCI-ID: 71-53

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