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Research Article
Checklist and Conservation of Botanicals Used for Natality by the Okpe-Speaking People of Delta State, Nigeria

J. Kayode, E.S. Christmas and G.M. Kayode

Research Journal of Medicinal Plants, 2008, 2(1), 16-21.


A combination of social survey and direct field observation was used to identify and determine the conservation status of botanicals used by the indigenous okpe-speaking people of Delta State, Nigeria during natality periods. While a total of 11 botanicals belonging to 11 different families were found to be widely utilized during the pre-natal periods, another 10 botanicals, belonging to 10 different families were widely utilized during the post-natal periods. Only 7 of these botanicals were cultivated. Among the uncultivated botanicals, only 4 were regularly preserved in the study area. Over 40% of the botanicals were sourced from the forest and some of the botanicals were harvested by annihilative extraction methods. Over 40% of the botanicals were presently rare on the abundance scale. Sustainable strategies that could enhance the conservation of these species were proposed.

ASCI-ID: 82-31

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