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Nitrate Adsorption by Pan-Oxime-Nano Fe2O3 Using a Two-Level Full Factorial Design

Ramin Nabizadeh and Mahsa Jahangiri Rad

Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2016, 6(1), 1-7.


PAN-oxime-nano Fe2O3 prepared and used as adsorbents for the adsorption studies of nitrate in aqueous solution. The main and interactive effects of two various experimentally controlled environmental factors namely, initial nitrate concentration and time of reaction were investigated through the model equations designed by a two-level full factorial design in a shake-flask system. The results predicted using factorial regression model showed high values of regression coefficients (R2 = 0.959) showing good agreement with experimental data. Main and interacting effects of different process parameters on the response (amount of nitrate removal adsorbed) were found. The maximum adsorption of 24 mg g–1 achieved at initial concentration of 200 mg L–1 and reaction time of 50 min.

ASCI-ID: 80-44

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