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Research Article
Effect of Different Sowing Times and Cutting Management on Phenology and Yield of off Season Coriander under Protected Cultivation

S. Guha, A.B. Sharangi and S. Debnath

Trends in Horticultural Research, 2013, 3(1), 27-32.


Coriander is one of the few plants which can be termed both as a herb and a spice, the seeds being used as spices and leaves are widely used as herbs. The experiment has been carried out to popularize coriander cultivation in West Bengal commercially to optimize the sowing time and cutting management for production of coriander leaf and seed in protected situation. Observations on phonological [e.g., time taken for germination (DAS), time taken for emergence of 1st leaf 2nd leaf and 3rd leaf (DAS), time taken for initiation of serrated leaf (DAS), time taken for flowering (DAS), time taken for seed setting (DAS), time taken for physiological maturity (DAS)] yield components [e.g., yield of green leaves/plot (g/3 m2) yield of seeds/plot (g/3 m2) were recorded. The results revealed protected cultivation in the summer days was a possible alternative for farmers to control external climatic factors which may affect germination of coriander seeds and leaf yield. June sown seeds recorded the highest leaf number and were found to produce the highest leaf yield and seed yield. Highest leaf yield was found in two cutting and highest seed yield was observed in one cutting.

ASCI-ID: 79-25

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