Research Article
Bilateral Cystic Ovarian Degeneration in a Sokoto Red Goat

M.U. Kawu, L.S. Yaqub, B. Habibu, M. Bello, N.D.G. Ibrahim and M. Shittu

Veterinary Research, 2013, 6(5), 109-110.


A 1 1/2 years old apparently healthy Sokoto Red (SR) goat weighing 16 kg was diagnosed with bilateral Cystic Ovarian Follicles (COF) at postmortem carried out 24 h from the onset of standing heat. No follicles or recent copora lutea were visible on the ovaries. The weights of right and left ovaries with their cysts were 32 and 15 g, respectively. The lengths of the right (ROC) and left (LOC) ovarian cysts were 18 and 15 cm, respectively. The circumference of the bulbous ovarian end and the posterior tail-like extensions of the cysts were 12 vs. 2.5 and 6 vs. 2 cm, respectively for the ROC and LOC. The volume of follicular fluid contained in the ROC and LOC were 25 and 9.5 mL, respectively. It was concluded that the ROC had larger weight and dimensions than the LOC.

ASCI-ID: 178-119