Articles by A. M Goldstein (4)

Increased Risk of Second Primary Cancers After a Diagnosis of Melanoma

P. T Bradford, D. M Freedman, A. M Goldstein and M. A. Tucker

Archives of Dermatology 146 ( 3 ): 265 - 272 , 2010

PAPER: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Nonneonatal Acute Respiratory Failure: The Massachusetts General Hospital Experience From 1990 to 2008

D Nehra, A. M Goldstein, D. P Doody, D. P Ryan, Y Chang and P. T. Masiakos

Archives of Surgery 144 ( 5 ): 427 - 432 , 2009

Dietary quercetin, quercetin-gene interaction, metabolic gene expression in lung tissue and lung cancer risk

T. K Lam, M Rotunno, J. H Lubin, S Wacholder, D Consonni, A. C Pesatori, P. A Bertazzi, S. J Chanock, L Burdette, A. M Goldstein, M. A Tucker, N. E Caporaso, A. F Subar and M. T. Landi

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 4 ): 634 - 642 , 2010

Association of MC1R Variants and Host Phenotypes With Melanoma Risk in CDKN2A Mutation Carriers: A GenoMEL Study

F Demenais, H Mohamdi, V Chaudru, A. M Goldstein, J. A Newton Bishop, D. T Bishop, P. A Kanetsky, N. K Hayward, E Gillanders, D. E Elder, M. F Avril, E Azizi, P van Belle, W Bergman, G Bianchi Scarra, B Bressac de Paillerets, D Calista, C Carrera, J Hansson, M Harland, D Hogg, V Hoiom, E. A Holland, C Ingvar, M. T Landi, J. M Lang, R. M Mackie, G. J Mann, M. E Ming, C. J Njauw, H Olsson, J Palmer, L Pastorino, S Puig, J Randerson Moor, M Stark, H Tsao, M. A Tucker, P van der Velden, X. R Yang, N Gruis and and the Melanoma Genetics Consortium

JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst 102 ( 20 ): 1568 - 1583 , 2010