Articles by C Baker (6)

Metabolic effects of dietary cholesterol in an animal model of insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis

H Basciano, A. E Miller, M Naples, C Baker, R Kohen, E Xu, Q Su, E. M Allister, M. B Wheeler and K. Adeli

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 2 ): 462 - 473 , 2009

Fructose: a highly lipogenic nutrient implicated in insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis, and the metabolic syndrome

M. J Dekker, Q Su, C Baker, A. C Rutledge and K. Adeli

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 299 ( 5 ): 685 - 694 , 2010

Recurrent microdeletions at 15q11.2 and 16p13.11 predispose to idiopathic generalized epilepsies

C. G. F de Kovel, H Trucks, I Helbig, H. C Mefford, C Baker, C Leu, C Kluck, H Muhle, S von Spiczak, P Ostertag, T Obermeier, A. A Kleefuss Lie, K Hallmann, M Steffens, V Gaus, K. M Klein, H. M Hamer, F Rosenow, E. H Brilstra, D Kasteleijn Nolst Trenite, M. E. M Swinkels, Y. G Weber, I Unterberger, F Zimprich, L Urak, M Feucht, K Fuchs, R. S Moller, H Hjalgrim, P De Jonghe, A Suls, I. M Ruckert, H. E Wichmann, A Franke, S Schreiber, P Nurnberg, C. E Elger, H Lerche, U Stephani, B. P. C Koeleman, D Lindhout, E. E Eichler and T. Sander

Brain 133 ( 1 ): 23 - 32 , 2010

Tolfenamic acid inhibits esophageal cancer through repression of specificity proteins and c-Met

S Papineni, S Chintharlapalli, M Abdelrahim, S. o Lee, R Burghardt, A Abudayyeh, C Baker, L Herrera and S. Safe

Carcinogenesis 30 ( 7 ): 1193 - 1201 , 2009

Effect of Elective Coronary Angiography on Glomerular Filtration Rate in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

N Kumar, L Dahri, W Brown, N Duncan, S Singh, C Baker, I Malik, A Palmer, M Griffith, T Cairns and D. Taube

Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 4 ( 12 ): 1907 - 1913 , 2009

A method for rapid, targeted CNV genotyping identifies rare variants associated with neurocognitive disease

H. C Mefford, G. M Cooper, T Zerr, J. D Smith, C Baker, N Shafer, E. C Thorland, C Skinner, C. E Schwartz, D. A Nickerson and E. E. Eichler

Genome Research 19 ( 9 ): 1579 - 1585 , 2009