Articles by D. R Jacobs (5)

ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION: Active Commuting and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: The CARDIA Study

P Gordon Larsen, J Boone Heinonen, S Sidney, B Sternfeld, D. R Jacobs and C. E. Lewis

Archives of Internal Medicine 169 ( 13 ): 1216 - 1223 , 2009

Extract of Oregano, Coffee, Thyme, Clove, and Walnuts Inhibits NF-{kappa}B in Monocytes and in Transgenic Reporter Mice

I Paur, T. R Balstad, M Kolberg, M. K Pedersen, L. M Austenaa, D. R Jacobs and R. Blomhoff

Cancer Prevention Research 3 ( 5 ): 653 - 663 , 2010

Common Coding Variants of the HNF1A Gene Are Associated With Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Phenotypes in Community-Based Samples of Younger and Older European-American Adults: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Study and The Cardiovascular Health Study

A. P Reiner, M. D Gross, C. S Carlson, S. J Bielinski, L. A Lange, M Fornage, N. S Jenny, J Walston, R. P Tracy, O. D Williams, D. R Jacobs and D. A. Nickerson

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 2 ( 3 ): 244 - 254 , 2009

Associations of Lipoprotein Lipase Gene Polymorphisms With Longitudinal Plasma Lipid Trends in Young Adults: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study

W Tang, G Apostol, P. J Schreiner, D. R Jacobs, E Boerwinkle and M. Fornage

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 3 ( 2 ): 179 - 186 , 2010

Low-dose persistent organic pollutants increased telomere length in peripheral leukocytes of healthy Koreans

J. Y Shin, Y. Y Choi, H. S Jeon, J. H Hwang, S. A Kim, J. H Kang, Y. S Chang, D. R Jacobs, J. Y Park and D. H. Lee

Mutagenesis 25 ( 5 ): 511 - 516 , 2010