Articles by E Kim (8)

Imaging Features of Meningeal Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor

J. H Kim, K. H Chang, D.G Na, S. H Park, E Kim, D.H Han, H. M Kwon, C. H Sohn and Y.J. Yim

American Journal of Neuroradiology 30 ( 6 ): 1261 - 1267 , 2009

Four-Year Longitudinal Course of Children and Adolescents With Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: The Course and Outcome of Bipolar Youth (COBY) Study

B Birmaher, D Axelson, B Goldstein, M Strober, Gill, J Hunt, P Houck, W Ha, S Iyengar, E Kim, S Yen, H Hower, C Esposito Smythers, T Goldstein, N Ryan and M. Keller

American Journal of Psychiatry 166 ( 7 ): 795 - 804 , 2009

Novel Susceptibility Loci for Second Primary Tumors/Recurrence in Head and Neck Cancer Patients: Large-Scale Evaluation of Genetic Variants

X Wu, M. R Spitz, J. J Lee, S. M Lippman, Y Ye, H Yang, F. R Khuri, E Kim, J Gu, R Lotan and W. K. Hong

Cancer Prevention Research 2 ( 7 ): 617 - 624 , 2009

Genetic variations in regulator of G-protein signaling genes as susceptibility loci for second primary tumor/recurrence in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

J Wang, S. M Lippman, J. J Lee, H Yang, F. R Khuri, E Kim, J Lin, D. W Chang, R Lotan, W. K Hong and X. Wu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 10 ): 1755 - 1761 , 2010

MicroRNA-related genetic variations as predictors for risk of second primary tumor and/or recurrence in patients with early-stage head and neck cancer

X Zhang, H Yang, J. J Lee, E Kim, S. M Lippman, F. R Khuri, M. R Spitz, R Lotan, W. K Hong and X. Wu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 12 ): 2118 - 2123 , 2010

Targeted chromosomal deletions in human cells using zinc finger nucleases

H. J Lee, E Kim and J. S. Kim

Genome Research 20 ( 1 ): 81 - 89 , 2010

Ultrasound backscattered power from Cochlodinium polykrikoides, the main red tide species in the Southern Sea of Korea

T. H Bok, D. G Paeng, E Kim, J Na and D. Kang

Journal of Plankton Research 32 ( 4 ): 503 - 514 , 2010

Mutation of Aspartate 555 of the Sodium/Bicarbonate Transporter SLC4A4/NBCe1 Induces Chloride Transport

H. S Yang, E Kim, S Lee, H. J Park, D. S Cooper, I Rajbhandari and I. Choi

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 ( 23 ): 15970 - 15979 , 2009