Articles by H Song (5)

Mice deficient in Group VIB phospholipase A2 (iPLA2{gamma}) exhibit relative resistance to obesity and metabolic abnormalities induced by a Western diet

H Song, M Wohltmann, S Bao, J. H Ladenson, C. F Semenkovich and J. Turk

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 298 ( 6 ): 1097 - 1114 , 2010

Nitric Oxide Induces Early Viral Transcription Coincident with Increased DNA Damage and Mutation Rates in Human Papillomavirus-Infected Cells

L Wei, P. E Gravitt, H Song, A. M Maldonado and M. A. Ozbun

Cancer Research 69 ( 11 ): 4878 - 4884 , 2009

Identification and functional characterization of the HpALG11 and the HpRFT1 genes involved in N-linked glycosylation in the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha

H Song, W Qian, H Wang and B. Qiu

Glycobiology 20 ( 12 ): 1665 - 1674 , 2010

Association between invasive ovarian cancer susceptibility and 11 best candidate SNPs from breast cancer genome-wide association study

H Song, S. J Ramus, S. K Kjaer, R. A DiCioccio, G Chenevix Trench, C. L Pearce, E Hogdall, A. S Whittemore, V McGuire, C Hogdall, J Blaakaer, A. H Wu, D. J Van Den Berg, D. O Stram, U Menon, A Gentry Maharaj, I. J Jacobs, P. M Webb, J Beesley, X Chen, The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group the Australian Cancer (Ovarian) Study, J. A Doherty, J Chang Claude, S Wang Gohrke, M. T Goodman, G Lurie, P. J Thompson, M. E Carney, R. B Ness, K Moysich, E. L Goode, R. A Vierkant, J. M Cunningham, S Anderson, J. M Schildkraut, A Berchuck, E. S Iversen, P. G Moorman, M Garcia Closas, S Chanock, J Lissowska, L Brinton, H Anton Culver, A Ziogas, W. R Brewster, B. A.J Ponder, D. F Easton, S. A Gayther, P. D.P Pharoah and on behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC)

Human Molecular Genetics 18 ( 12 ): 2297 - 2304 , 2009

Phenology of phytoplankton blooms in the Nova Scotian Shelf-Gulf of Maine region: remote sensing and modeling analysis

H Song, R Ji, C Stock and Z. Wang

Journal of Plankton Research 32 ( 11 ): 1485 - 1499 , 2010