Articles by H Campbell (5)

Association between common mtDNA variants and all-cause or colorectal cancer mortality

E Theodoratou, F. V.N Din, S. M Farrington, R Cetnarskyj, R. A Barnetson, M. E Porteous, M. G Dunlop, H Campbell and A. Tenesa

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 2 ): 296 - 301 , 2010

Novel Associations of Multiple Genetic Loci With Plasma Levels of Factor VII, Factor VIII, and von Willebrand Factor: The CHARGE (Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genome Epidemiology) Consortium

N. L Smith, M. H Chen, A Dehghan, D. P Strachan, S Basu, N Soranzo, C Hayward, I Rudan, M Sabater Lleal, J. C Bis, M. P. M de Maat, A Rumley, X Kong, Q Yang, F. M. K Williams, V Vitart, H Campbell, A Malarstig, K. L Wiggins, C. M Van Duijn, W. L McArdle, J. S Pankow, A. D Johnson, A Silveira, B McKnight, A. G Uitterlinden, Aleksic Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium;, J. B Meigs, A Peters, W Koenig, M Cushman, S Kathiresan, J. I Rotter, E. G Bovill, A Hofman, E Boerwinkle, G. H Tofler, J. F Peden, B. M Psaty, F Leebeek, A. R Folsom, M. G Larson, T. D Spector, A. F Wright, J. F Wilson, A Hamsten, T Lumley, J. C. M Witteman, W Tang and C. J. O'Donnell

Circulation 121 ( 12 ): 1382 - 1392 , 2010

A Genome-Wide Association Scan of RR and QT Interval Duration in 3 European Genetically Isolated Populations: The EUROSPAN Project

F Marroni, A Pfeufer, Y. S Aulchenko, C. S Franklin, A Isaacs, I Pichler, S. H Wild, B. A Oostra, A. F Wright, H Campbell, J. C Witteman, S Kaab, A. A Hicks, U Gyllensten, I Rudan, T Meitinger, C Pattaro, C. M van Duijn, J. F Wilson, P. P Pramstaller and on behalf of the EUROSPAN Consortium

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 2 ( 4 ): 322 - 328 , 2009

Effects of aging, body mass index, plasma lipid profiles, and smoking on human plasma N-glycans

A Knezevic, O Gornik, O Polasek, M Pucic, I Redzic, M Novokmet, P. M Rudd, A. F Wright, H Campbell, I Rudan and G. Lauc

Glycobiology 20 ( 8 ): 959 - 969 , 2010

Common aberrations from the normal human plasma N-glycan profile

M Pucic, S Pinto, M Novokmet, A Knezevic, O Gornik, O Polasek, K Vlahovicek, W Wang, P. M Rudd, A. F Wright, H Campbell, I Rudan and G. Lauc

Glycobiology 20 ( 8 ): 970 - 975 , 2010