Articles by H. K Lee (6)

Bone Morphogenic Protein-4 Impairs Endothelial Function Through Oxidative Stress-Dependent Cyclooxygenase-2 Upregulation: Implications on Hypertension

W. T Wong, X. Y Tian, Y Chen, F. P Leung, L Liu, H. K Lee, C. F Ng, A Xu, X Yao, P. M Vanhoutte, G. L Tipoe and Y. Huang

Circulation Research 107 ( 8 ): 984 - 991 , 2010

Characterization of ASC-2 as an Antiatherogenic Transcriptional Coactivator of Liver X Receptors in Macrophages

G. H Kim, K Park, S. Y Yeom, K. J Lee, G Kim, J Ko, D. K Rhee, Y. H Kim, H. K Lee, H. W Kim, G. T Oh, K. U Lee, J. W Lee and S. W. Kim

Molecular Endocrinology 23 ( 7 ): 966 - 974 , 2009

Adiponectin Represses Colon Cancer Cell Proliferation via AdipoR1- and -R2-Mediated AMPK Activation

A. Y Kim, Y. S Lee, K. H Kim, J. H Lee, H. K Lee, S. H Jang, S. E Kim, G. Y Lee, J. W Lee, S. A Jung, H. Y Chung, S Jeong and J. B. Kim

Molecular Endocrinology 24 ( 7 ): 1441 - 1452 , 2010

Clinical and molecular characterizations of novel POU3F4 mutations reveal that DFN3 is due to null function of POU3F4 protein

H. K Lee, M. H Song, M Kang, J. T Lee, K. A Kong, S. J Choi, K. Y Lee, H Venselaar, G Vriend, W. S Lee, H. J Park, T. K Kwon, J Bok and U. K. Kim

Physiological Genomics 39 ( 3 ): 195 - 201 , 2009

Occupational radiation doses among diagnostic radiation workers in South Korea, 1996-2006

W. J Lee, E. S Cha, M Ha, Y. W Jin, S. S Hwang, K. A Kong, S. W Lee, H. K Lee, K. Y Lee and H. J. Kim

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 136 ( 1 ): 50 - 55 , 2009

Clinical and Radiologic Outcomes of Arthroscopic Glenoid Labrum Repair With the BioKnotless Suture Anchor

J. H Oh, H. K Lee, J. Y Kim, S. H Kim and H. S. Gong

The American Journal of Sports Medicine 37 ( 12 ): 2340 - 2348 , 2009