Articles by J Luo (6)

Ratio adjustment and calibration scheme for gene-wise normalization to enhance microarray inter-study prediction

C Cheng, K Shen, C Song, J Luo and G. C. Tseng

Bioinformatics 25 ( 13 ): 1655 - 1661 , 2009

FGFR2 and other loci identified in genome-wide association studies are associated with breast cancer in African-American and younger women

J. S Barnholtz Sloan, P. B Shetty, X Guan, S. J Nyante, J Luo, D. J Brennan and R. C. Millikan

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 8 ): 1417 - 1423 , 2010

Cucurbitacin E, a tetracyclic triterpenes compound from Chinese medicine, inhibits tumor angiogenesis through VEGFR2-mediated Jak2-STAT3 signaling pathway

Y Dong, B Lu, X Zhang, J Zhang, L Lai, D Li, Y Wu, Y Song, J Luo, X Pang, Z Yi and M. Liu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 12 ): 2097 - 2104 , 2010

Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor {delta} Is an Essential Transcriptional Regulator for Mitochondrial Protection and Biogenesis in Adult Heart

P Wang, J Liu, Y Li, S Wu, J Luo, H Yang, R Subbiah, J Chatham, O Zhelyabovska and Q. Yang

Circulation Research 106 ( 5 ): 911 - 919 , 2010

Mass spectrometry analysis of dynamic post-translational modifications of TH2B during spermatogenesis

S Lu, Y. M Xie, X Li, J Luo, X. Q Shi, X Hong, Y. H Pan and X. Ma

MHR: Basic science of reprod. Medicine 15 ( 6 ): 373 - 378 , 2009

Structure-based engineering of a monoclonal antibody for improved solubility

S. J Wu, J Luo, K. T O'Neil, J Kang, E. R Lacy, G Canziani, A Baker, M Huang, Q. M Tang, T. S Raju, S. A Jacobs, A Teplyakov, G. L Gilliland and Y. Feng

Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 23 ( 8 ): 643 - 651 , 2010