Articles by J. Y Kim (9)

COMP-angiopoietin-1 enhances skeletal muscle blood flow and insulin sensitivity in mice

H. K Sung, Y. W Kim, S. J Choi, J. Y Kim, K. H Jeune, K. C Won, J. K Kim, G. Y Koh and S. Y. Park

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 2 ): 402 - 409 , 2009

Functional analysis of FSP27 protein regions for lipid droplet localization, caspase-dependent apoptosis, and dimerization with CIDEA

K Liu, S Zhou, J. Y Kim, K Tillison, D Majors, D Rearick, J. H Lee, R. F Fernandez Boyanapalli, K Barricklow, M. S Houston and C. M. Smas

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 6 ): 1395 - 1413 , 2009

Optimal bolus dose of alfentanil for successful tracheal intubation during sevoflurane induction with and without nitrous oxide in children

H. J Kwak, J. Y Kim, S. K Min, J. S Kim and J. Y. Kim

BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia 104 ( 5 ): 628 - 632 , 2010

Incidence of venous gas embolism during robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is lower than that during radical retropubic prostatectomy

J. Y Hong, J. Y Kim, Y. D Choi, K. H Rha, S. J Yoon and H. K. Kil

BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia 105 ( 6 ): 777 - 781 , 2010

Capsaicin sensitizes malignant glioma cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis via DR5 upregulation and survivin downregulation

J. Y Kim, E. H Kim, S. U Kim, T. K Kwon and K. S. Choi

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 3 ): 367 - 375 , 2010

Sulfasalazine induces haem oxygenase-1 via ROS-dependent Nrf2 signalling, leading to control of neointimal hyperplasia

J. Y Kim, H. J Cho, J. J Sir, B. K Kim, J Hur, S. W Youn, H. M Yang, S. I Jun, K. W Park, S. J Hwang, Y. W Kwon, H. Y Lee, H. J Kang, B. H Oh, Y. B Park and H. S. Kim

Cardiovascular Research 82 ( 3 ): 550 - 560 , 2009

Functional Recapitulation of Smooth Muscle Cells Via Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells From Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells

T. H Lee, S. H Song, K. L Kim, J. Y Yi, G. H Shin, J. Y Kim, J Kim, Y. M Han, S. H Lee, S. H Shim and W. Suh

Circulation Research 106 ( 1 ): 120 - 128 , 2010

Clinical and Radiologic Outcomes of Arthroscopic Glenoid Labrum Repair With the BioKnotless Suture Anchor

J. H Oh, H. K Lee, J. Y Kim, S. H Kim and H. S. Gong

The American Journal of Sports Medicine 37 ( 12 ): 2340 - 2348 , 2009

Enhancer of Polycomb1 Acts on Serum Response Factor to Regulate Skeletal Muscle Differentiation

J. R Kim, H. J Kee, J. Y Kim, H Joung, K. I Nam, G. H Eom, N Choe, H. S Kim, J. C Kim, H Kook, S. B Seo and H. Kook

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 ( 24 ): 16308 - 16316 , 2009