Articles by James M. McKenney (7)

Comparison of the efficacy and safety of a combination tablet of niacin extended-release and simvastatin with simvastatin 80 mg monotherapy: the SEACOAST II (high-dose) study

Christie M. Ballantyne, Michael H. Davidson, James M. McKenney, Laurence H. Keller, Daiva R. Bajorunas and Richard H. Karas

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2 ( 2 ): 79 - 90 , 2008

Effects of Prescription Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Plus Simvastatin on Lipids and Lipoprotein Particles in Mixed Dyslipidemia

Kevin Carl Maki, Mary R. Dicklin, Barry C. Lubin, James M. McKenney and Matthew S. Reeves

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2 ( 3 ): 222 - 223 , 2008

Concomitant use of statins and CYP3A4 inhibitors in administrative claims and electronic medical records databases

Eileen E. Ming, Michael H. Davidson, Sanjay K. Gandhi, Marcelo Marotti, Carolyn G. Miles, Xiongkan Ke and James M. McKenney

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 2 ( 6 ): 453 - 463 , 2008

Medical management of patients before the incidence of a cardiovascular event

Michael H. Davidson, Kathleen M. Fox, Sanjay K. Gandhi, Robert L. Ohsfeldt and James M. McKenney

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 3 ( 5 ): 315 - 321 , 2009

Clinical utility of inflammatory markers and advanced lipoprotein testing: Advice from an expert panel of lipid specialists

Michael H. Davidson, Christie M. Ballantyne, Terry A. Jacobson, Vera A. Bittner, Lynne T. Braun, Alan S. Brown, W. Virgil Brown, William C. Cromwell, Ronald B. Goldberg, James M. McKenney, Alan T. Remaley, Allan D. Sniderman, Peter P. Toth, Sotirios Tsimikas, Paul E. Ziajka, Kevin C. Maki and Mary R. Dicklin

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 5 ( 5 ): 338 - 367 , 2011

Risk of hospitalized rhabdomyolysis associated with lipid-lowering drugs in a real-world clinical setting

Mark J. Cziraky, Vincent J. Willey, James M. McKenney, Siddhesh A. Kamat, Maxine D. Fisher, John R. Guyton, Terry A. Jacobson and Michael H. Davidson

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 7 ( 2 ): 102 - 108 , 2013

National Lipid Association recommendations for patient-centered management of dyslipidemia: Part 1 - executive summary

Terry A. Jacobson, Matthew K. Ito, Kevin C. Maki, Carl E. Orringer, Harold E. Bays, Peter H. Jones, James M. McKenney, Scott M. Grundy, Edward A. Gill, Robert A. Wild, Don P. Wilson and W. Virgil Brown

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 8 ( 5 ): 473 - 488 , 2014