Articles by K Liu (7)

Functional analysis of FSP27 protein regions for lipid droplet localization, caspase-dependent apoptosis, and dimerization with CIDEA

K Liu, S Zhou, J. Y Kim, K Tillison, D Majors, D Rearick, J. H Lee, R. F Fernandez Boyanapalli, K Barricklow, M. S Houston and C. M. Smas

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 6 ): 1395 - 1413 , 2009

ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION: Association Between Sleep and Blood Pressure in Midlife: The CARDIA Sleep Study

K. L Knutson, E Van Cauter, P. J Rathouz, L. L Yan, S. B Hulley, K Liu and D. S. Lauderdale

Archives of Internal Medicine 169 ( 11 ): 1055 - 1061 , 2009

Pathophysiological Changes in Calf Muscle Predict Mobility Loss at 2-Year Follow-Up in Men and Women With Peripheral Arterial Disease

M. M McDermott, L Ferrucci, J Guralnik, L Tian, K Liu, F Hoff, Y Liao and M. H. Criqui

Circulation 120 ( 12 ): 1048 - 1055 , 2009

Association of Endogenous Sex Hormones With Diabetes andImpaired Fasting Glucose in Men: Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

L. A Colangelo, P Ouyang, K Liu, P Kopp, S. H Golden, A. S Dobs, M Szklo, D Vaidya, M Cushman and S. M. Gapstur

Diabetes Care 32 ( 6 ): 1049 - 1051 , 2009

Higher-order harmonic resonances and mechanical properties of individual cadmium sulphide nanowires measured by in situ transmission electron microscopy

P Gao, K Liu, L Liu, Z Wang, Z Liao, Z Xu, W Wang, X Bai, E Wang and Y. Li

Journal of Electron Microscopy 59 ( 4 ): 285 - 289 , 2010

Feedback control of regulatory T cell homeostasis by dendritic cells in vivo

G Darrasse Jeze, S Deroubaix, H Mouquet, G. D Victora, T Eisenreich, K. h Yao, R. F Masilamani, M. L Dustin, A Rudensky, K Liu and M. C. Nussenzweig

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 ( 9 ): 1853 - 1862 , 2009

The origin and development of nonlymphoid tissue CD103+ DCs

F Ginhoux, K Liu, J Helft, M Bogunovic, M Greter, D Hashimoto, J Price, N Yin, J Bromberg, S. A Lira, E. R Stanley, M Nussenzweig and M. Merad

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 ( 13 ): 3115 - 3130 , 2010