Articles by K Mann (7)

Avoidance of Alcohol-Related Stimuli Increases During the Early Stage of Abstinence in Alcohol-Dependent Patients

S Vollstadt Klein, S Loeber, C von der Goltz, K Mann and F. Kiefer

Alcohol and Alcoholism 44 ( 5 ): 458 - 463 , 2009

Supervised Disulfiram in Relapse Prevention in Alcohol-Dependent Patients Suffering From Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder--A Case Series

J Mutschler, M Grosshans, A Koopmann, D Hermann, A Diehl, K Mann and F. Kiefer

Alcohol and Alcoholism 45 ( 2 ): 146 - 150 , 2010

Disulfiram, an Option for the Treatment of Pathological Gambling?

J Mutschler, M Buhler, M Grosshans, A Diehl, K Mann and F. Kiefer

Alcohol and Alcoholism 45 ( 2 ): 214 - 216 , 2010

Why is Disulfiram Superior to Acamprosate in the Routine Clinical Setting? A Retrospective Long-Term Study in 353 Alcohol-Dependent Patients

A Diehl, L Ulmer, J Mutschler, H Herre, B Krumm, B Croissant, K Mann and F. Kiefer

Alcohol and Alcoholism 45 ( 3 ): 271 - 277 , 2010

Effects of Repeated Withdrawal from Alcohol on Recovery of Cognitive Impairment under Abstinence and Rate of Relapse

S Loeber, T Duka, H Welzel Marquez, H Nakovics, A Heinz, K Mann and H. Flor

Alcohol and Alcoholism 45 ( 6 ): 541 - 547 , 2010

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Genome-wide Association Study of Alcohol Dependence

J Treutlein, S Cichon, M Ridinger, N Wodarz, M Soyka, P Zill, W Maier, R Moessner, W Gaebel, N Dahmen, C Fehr, N Scherbaum, M Steffens, K. U Ludwig, J Frank, H. E Wichmann, S Schreiber, N Dragano, W. H Sommer, F Leonardi Essmann, A Lourdusamy, P Gebicke Haerter, T. F Wienker, P. F Sullivan, M. M Nothen, F Kiefer, R Spanagel, K Mann and M. Rietschel

Archives of General Psychiatry 66 ( 7 ): 773 - 784 , 2009

Prevalence and implications of anxiety in polycystic ovary syndrome: results of an internet-based survey in Germany

S Benson, S Hahn, S Tan, K Mann, O.E Janssen, M Schedlowski and S. Elsenbruch

Human Reproduction 24 ( 6 ): 1446 - 1451 , 2009