Articles by K Tanaka (8)

Invasive Carcinoma of the Breast Accompanied by Coarse Calcification

K Tanaka, F Akiyama, N Nishikawa, K Kimura, N Gomi, K Oda and T. Iwase

American Journal of Roentgenology 193 ( 1 ): 70 - 71 , 2009

Effect of Weight Reduction With Dietary Intervention on Arterial Distensibility and Endothelial Function in Obese Men

A Miyaki, S Maeda, M Yoshizawa, M Misono, Y Saito, H Sasai, T Endo, Y Nakata, K Tanaka and R. Ajisaka

Angiology 60 ( 3 ): 351 - 357 , 2009

Pleiotropic role for MYCN in medulloblastoma

F. J Swartling, M. R Grimmer, C. S Hackett, P. A Northcott, Q. W Fan, D. D Goldenberg, J Lau, S Masic, K Nguyen, S Yakovenko, X. N Zhe, H. C Flynn Gilmer, R Collins, M Nagaoka, J. J Phillips, R. B Jenkins, T Tihan, S. R Vandenberg, C. D James, K Tanaka, M. D Taylor, W. A Weiss and L. Chesler

Genes & Development 24 ( 10 ): 1059 - 1072 , 2010

A Comprehensive Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy

Y Inoue, Y Toiyama, K Tanaka, C Miki and M. Kusunoki

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 6 ): 367 - 375 , 2009

Microcalorimeter-type energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer for a transmission electron microscope

T Hara, K Tanaka, K Maehata, K Mitsuda, N. Y Yamasaki, M Ohsaki, K Watanabe, X Yu, T Ito and Y. Yamanaka

Journal of Electron Microscopy 59 ( 1 ): 17 - 26 , 2010

Influences of p53 deficiency on the apoptotic response, DNA damage removal and mutagenesis in UVB-exposed mouse skin

H Ikehata, R Okuyama, E Ogawa, S Nakamura, A Usami, T Mori, K Tanaka, S Aiba and T. Ono

Mutagenesis 25 ( 4 ): 397 - 405 , 2010

Proline-rich domain in dynamin-2 has a low microtubule-binding activity: how is this activity controlled during mitosis in HeLa cells?

M Morita, K Hamao, S Izumi, E Okumura, K Tanaka, T Kishimoto and H. Hosoya

The Journal of Biochemistry 148 ( 5 ): 533 - 538 , 2010

The S. pombe mitotic regulator Cut12 promotes spindle pole body activation and integration into the nuclear envelope

V. A Tallada, K Tanaka, M Yanagida and I. M. Hagan

The Journal of Cell Biology 185 ( 5 ): 875 - 888 , 2009