Articles by L Xiao (7)

Case Management to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in a County Health Care System

J Ma, K Berra, W. L Haskell, L Klieman, S Hyde, M. W Smith, L Xiao and R. S. Stafford

Archives of Internal Medicine 169 ( 21 ): 1988 - 1995 , 2009

Profiling Lipoxygenase Metabolism in Specific Steps of Colorectal Tumorigenesis

I Shureiqi, D Chen, R. S Day, X Zuo, F. L Hochman, W. A Ross, R. A Cole, O Moy, J. S Morris, L Xiao, R. A Newman, P Yang and S. M. Lippman

Cancer Prevention Research 3 ( 7 ): 829 - 838 , 2010

Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) Links Inflammation and Thrombosis After Glomerular Injury

J Hirahashi, K Hishikawa, S Kaname, N Tsuboi, Y Wang, D. I Simon, G Stavrakis, T Shimosawa, L Xiao, Y Nagahama, K Suzuki, T Fujita and T. N. Mayadas

Circulation 120 ( 13 ): 1255 - 1265 , 2009

The Calcium/Calmodulin/Kinase System and Arrhythmogenic Afterdepolarizations in Bradycardia-Related Acquired Long-QT Syndrome

X Qi, Y. H Yeh, D Chartier, L Xiao, Y Tsuji, B. J.J.M Brundel, I Kodama and S. Nattel

Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology 2 ( 3 ): 295 - 304 , 2009

Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis in the Continuous Mode (C-SLED): Dialysis Efficacy, Clinical Outcomes, and Survival Predictors in Critically Ill Cancer Patients

A. K Salahudeen, V Kumar, N Madan, L Xiao, A Lahoti, J Samuels, J Nates and K. Price

Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 4 ( 8 ): 1338 - 1346 , 2009

Glucocorticoid Rapidly Enhances NMDA-Evoked Neurotoxicity by Attenuating the NR2A-Containing NMDA Receptor-Mediated ERK1/2 Activation

L Xiao, C Feng and Y. Chen

Molecular Endocrinology 24 ( 3 ): 497 - 510 , 2010

Induced ATF-2 represses CDK4 transcription through dimerization with JunD inhibiting intestinal epithelial cell growth after polyamine depletion

L Xiao, J. N Rao, T Zou, L Liu, T. X Yu, X. Y Zhu, J. M Donahue and J. Y. Wang

The American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology 298 ( 5 ): 1226 - 1234 , 2010