Articles by L Jones (9)

Genome-Wide Association Study of Major Recurrent Depression in the U.K. Population

C. M Lewis, M. Y Ng, A. W Butler, S Cohen Woods, R Uher, K Pirlo, M. E Weale, A Schosser, U. M Paredes, M Rivera, N Craddock, M. J Owen, L Jones, I Jones, A Korszun, K. J Aitchison, J Shi, J. P Quinn, A MacKenzie, P Vollenweider, G Waeber, S Heath, M Lathrop, P Muglia, M. R Barnes, J. C Whittaker, F Tozzi, F Holsboer, M Preisig, A. E Farmer, G Breen, I. W Craig and P. McGuffin

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 8 ): 949 - 957 , 2010

Rare Copy Number Variants: A Point of Rarity in Genetic Risk for Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia

D Grozeva, G Kirov, D Ivanov, I. R Jones, L Jones, E. K Green, D. M St Clair, A. H Young, N Ferrier, A. E Farmer, P McGuffin, P. A Holmans, M. J Owen, M. C O'Donovan, N Craddock and for the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium

Archives of General Psychiatry 67 ( 4 ): 318 - 327 , 2010

Prospective observational measurement of tracheal tube cuff pressures in the emergency department

M Chopra, L Jones, C Boulanger, J Benger, I Higginson, D Williamson, P Younge and G. Lloyd

Emergency Medicine Journal 27 ( 4 ): 270 - 271 , 2010

No influence of alimentary zinc on the healing of calvarial defects filled with osteopromotive substances in rats

L Jones, J. S Thomsen, J Barlach, L Mosekilde and B. Melsen

European Journal of Orthodontics 32 ( 2 ): 124 - 130 , 2010

Arabinan Metabolism during Seed Development and Germination in Arabidopsis

L. D Gomez, C. G Steele King, L Jones, J. M Foster, S Vuttipongchaikij and S. J. McQueen Mason

Molecular Plant 2 ( 5 ): 966 - 976 , 2009

Genetic utility of broadly defined bipolar schizoaffective disorder as a diagnostic concept

M. L Hamshere, E. K Green, I. R Jones, L Jones, V Moskvina, G Kirov, D Grozeva, I Nikolov, D Vukcevic, S Caesar, K Gordon Smith, C Fraser, E Russell, G Breen, D St Clair, D. A Collier, A. H Young, I. N Ferrier, A Farmer, P McGuffin, Holmans Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, M. J Owen, M. C O'Donovan and N. Craddock

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 1 ): 23 - 29 , 2009

Dementia in the acute hospital: prospective cohort study of prevalence and mortality

E. L Sampson, M. R Blanchard, L Jones, A Tookman and M. King

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 1 ): 61 - 66 , 2009

Cognitive style, personality and vulnerability to postnatal depression

L Jones, J Scott, C Cooper, L Forty, K. G Smith, P Sham, A Farmer, P McGuffin, N Craddock and I. Jones

The British Journal of Psychiatry 196 ( 3 ): 200 - 205 , 2010

Gain of MYC underlies recurrent trisomy of the MYC chromosome in acute promyelocytic leukemia

L Jones, G Wei, S Sevcikova, V Phan, S Jain, A Shieh, J. C. Y Wong, M Li, J Dubansky, M. L Maunakea, R Ochoa, G Zhu, T. R Tennant, K. M Shannon, S. W Lowe, M. M Le Beau and S. C. Kogan

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 ( 12 ): 2581 - 2594 , 2010