Articles by M Rietschel (8)

Genome-Wide Pharmacogenetics of Antidepressant Response in the GENDEP Project

R Uher, N Perroud, M. Y. M Ng, J Hauser, N Henigsberg, W Maier, O Mors, A Placentino, M Rietschel, D Souery, T Zagar, P. M Czerski, B Jerman, E. R Larsen, T. G Schulze, A Zobel, S Cohen Woods, K Pirlo, A. W Butler, P Muglia, M. R Barnes, M Lathrop<, A Farmer, G Breen, K. J Aitchison, I Craig, C. M Lewis and P. McGuffin

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 5 ): 555 - 564 , 2010

Prevalence of Incompletely Penetrant Huntington's Disease Alleles Among Individuals With Major Depressive Disorder

R. H Perlis, J. W Smoller, J Mysore, M Sun, T Gillis, S Purcell, M Rietschel, M. M Nothen, S Witt, W Maier, D. V Iosifescu, P Sullivan, A. J Rush, M Fava, H Breiter, M Macdonald and J. Gusella

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 5 ): 574 - 579 , 2010

Genome-Wide Association Study of Suicide Attempts in Mood Disorder Patients

R. H Perlis, J Huang, S Purcell, M Fava, A. J Rush, P. F Sullivan, S. P Hamilton, F. J McMahon, T Schulze, J. B Potash, P. P Zandi, V. L Willour, B. W Penninx, D. I Boomsma, N Vogelzangs, C. M Middeldorp, M Rietschel, M Nothen, S Cichon, H Gurling, N Bass, A McQuillin, M Hamshere, Craddock Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium Bipolar Disorder Group, P Sklar and J. W. Smoller

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 12 ): 1499 - 1507 , 2010

Association of Mouse Dlg4 (PSD-95) Gene Deletion and Human DLG4 Gene Variation With Phenotypes Relevant to Autism Spectrum Disorders and Williams' Syndrome

M Feyder, R. M Karlsson, P Mathur, M Lyman, R Bock, R Momenan, J Munasinghe, M. L Scattoni, J Ihne, M Camp, C Graybeal, D Strathdee, A Begg, V. A Alvarez, P Kirsch, M Rietschel, S Cichon, H Walter, A Meyer Lindenberg, S. G. N Grant and A. Holmes

American Journal of Psychiatry 167 ( 12 ): 1508 - 1517 , 2010

The DISC locus and schizophrenia: evidence from an association study in a central European sample and from a meta-analysis across different European populations

J Schumacher, G Laje, R. A Jamra, T Becker, T. W Muhleisen, C Vasilescu, M Mattheisen, S Herms, P Hoffmann, A. M Hillmer, A Georgi, C Herold, T. G Schulze, P Propping, M Rietschel, F. J McMahon, M. M Nothen and S. Cichon

Human Molecular Genetics 18 ( 14 ): 2719 - 2727 , 2009

Moderation of antidepressant response by the serotonin transporter gene

P Huezo Diaz, R Uher, R Smith, M Rietschel, N Henigsberg, A Marusic, O Mors, W Maier, J Hauser, D Souery, A Placentino, A Zobel, E. R Larsen, P. M Czerski, B Gupta, F Hoda, N Perroud, A Farmer, I Craig, K. J Aitchison and P. McGuffin

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 1 ): 30 - 38 , 2009

Dissecting the phenotype in genome-wide association studies of psychiatric illness

Craddock Cross Disorder Phenotype Group of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium, K Kendler, M Neale, J Nurnberger, S Purcell, M Rietschel, R Perlis, S. L Santangelo, T Schulze, J. W Smoller and A. Thapar

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 2 ): 97 - 99 , 2009

Adverse reactions to antidepressants

R Uher, A Farmer, N Henigsberg, M Rietschel, O Mors, W Maier, D Kozel, J Hauser, D Souery, A Placentino, J Strohmaier, N Perroud, A Zobel, A Rajewska Rager, M. Z Dernovsek, E. R Larsen, P Kalember, C Giovannini, M Barreto, P McGuffin and K. J. Aitchison

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 3 ): 202 - 210 , 2009