Articles by M Stevens (5)

Training for Change: Early Days of Individual Budgets and the Implications for Social Work and Care Management Practice: A Qualitative Study of the Views of Trainers

J Manthorpe, S Jacobs, J Rapaport, D Challis, A Netten, C Glendinning, M Stevens, M Wilberforce, M Knapp and J. Harris

British Journal of Social Work 39 ( 7 ): 1291 - 1305 , 2009

Safeguarding and System Change: Early Perceptions of the Implications for Adult Protection Services of the English Individual Budgets Pilots--A Qualitative Study

J Manthorpe, M Stevens, J Rapaport, J Harris, S Jacobs, D Challis, A Netten, M Knapp, M Wilberforce and C. Glendinning

British Journal of Social Work 39 ( 8 ): 1465 - 1480 , 2009

Making Decisions about Who Should Be Barred from Working with Adults in Vulnerable Situations: The Need for Social Work Understanding

M Stevens, J Manthorpe, S Martineau, S Hussein, J Rapaport and J. Harris

British Journal of Social Work 40 ( 1 ): 290 - 310 , 2010

'My Expectations Remain the Same. The Student Has to Be Competent to Practise': Practice Assessor Perspectives on the New Social Work Degree Qualification in England

J Moriarty, G MacIntyre, J Manthorpe, B. R Crisp, J Orme, P. G Lister, K Cavanagh, M Stevens, S Hussein and E. Sharpe

British Journal of Social Work 40 ( 2 ): 583 - 601 , 2010

The completion of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)

Temple The MGC Project Team, D. S Gerhard, R Rasooly, E. A Feingold, P. J Good, C Robinson, A Mandich, J. G Derge, J Lewis, D Shoaf, F. S Collins, W Jang, L Wagner, C. M Shenmen, L Misquitta, C. F Schaefer, K. H Buetow, T. I Bonner, L Yankie, M Ward, L Phan, A Astashyn, G Brown, C Farrell, J Hart, M Landrum, B. L Maidak, M Murphy, T Murphy, B Rajput, L Riddick, D Webb, J Weber, W Wu, K. D Pruitt, D Maglott, A Siepel, B Brejova, M Diekhans, R Harte, R Baertsch, J Kent, D Haussler, M Brent, L Langton, C. L.G Comstock, M Stevens, C Wei, M. J van Baren, K Salehi Ashtiani, R. R Murray, L Ghamsari, E Mello, C Lin, C Pennacchio, K Schreiber, N Shapiro, A Marsh, E Pardes, T Moore, A Lebeau, M Muratet, B Simmons, D Kloske, S Sieja, J Hudson, P Sethupathy, M Brownstein, N Bhat, J Lazar, H Jacob, C. E Gruber, M. R Smith, J McPherson, A. M Garcia, P. H Gunaratne, J Wu, D Muzny, R. A Gibbs, A. C Young, G. G Bouffard, R. W Blakesley, J Mullikin, E. D Green, M. C Dickson, A. C Rodriguez, J Grimwood, J Schmutz, R. M Myers, M Hirst, T Zeng, K Tse, M Moksa, M Deng, K Ma, D Mah, J Pang, G Taylor, E Chuah, A Deng, K Fichter, A Go, S Lee, J Wang, M Griffith, R Morin, R. A Moore, M Mayo, S Munro, S Wagner, S. J.M Jones, R. A Holt, M. A Marra, S Lu, S Yang, J Hartigan, M Graf, R Wagner, S Letovksy, J. C Pulido, K Robison, D Esposito, J Hartley, V. E Wall, R. F Hopkins, O Ohara and S. Wiemann

Genome Research 19 ( 12 ): 2324 - 2333 , 2009