Articles by M. Roden (7)

Short-Term Exercise Training Does Not Stimulate Skeletal Muscle ATP Synthesis in Relatives of Humans With Type 2 Diabetes

G Kacerovsky Bielesz, M Chmelik, C Ling, R Pokan, J Szendroedi, M Farukuoye, M Kacerovsky, A. I Schmid, S Gruber, M Wolzt, E Moser, G Pacini, G Smekal, L Groop and M. Roden

Diabetes 58 ( 6 ): 1333 - 1341 , 2009

Effect of combined oral proteases and flavonoid treatment in subjects at risk of Type 1 diabetes

K. Kempf, G. Manzo, P. Hanifi-Moghaddam, S. Kappler, J. Seissler, C. Jaeger, B. Boehm, M. Roden, H. Kolb, S. Martin and N. C. Schloot

Diabetic Medicine 26 ( 12 ): 1309 - 1310 , 2009

Neuropad: evaluation of three cut-off points of sudomotor dysfunction for early detection of polyneuropathy in recently diagnosed diabetes

D. Ziegler, N. Papanas and M. Roden

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 11 ): 1412 - 1415 , 2011

Precision and accuracy of blood glucose measurements using three different instruments

B. Nowotny, P. J. Nowotny, K. Strassburger and M. Roden

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 2 ): 260 - 265 , 2012

Non-esterified fatty acid dynamics during oral glucose tolerance test in women with former gestational diabetes

A. Tura, G. Pacini, Y. Winhofer, L. Bozkurt, G. Di Benedetto, U. Morbiducci, M. Roden and A. Kautzky-Willer

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 3 ): 351 - 358 , 2012

Increased serum concentrations of adhesion molecules but not of chemokines in patients with Type 2 diabetes compared with patients with Type 1 diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes in adult age: Action LADA 5

M. N. Pham, M. I. Hawa, M. Roden, G. Schernthaner, P. Pozzilli, R. Buzzetti, W. A. Scherbaum, J. Seissler, S. Hunter, R. D. G. Leslie, H. Kolb and N. C. Schloot

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 4 ): 470 - 478 , 2012

Blood glucose testing and primary prevention of Type 2 diabetes-evaluation of the effect of evidence-based patient information: a randomized controlled trial

J. Genz, B. Haastert, H. Muller, F. Verheyen, D. Cole, W. Rathmann, B. Nowotny, M. Roden, G. Giani, A. Mielck, C. Ohmann and A. Icks

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 8 ): 1011 - 1020 , 2012