Articles by R. N Hoover (5)

Anthropometric Measures, Body Mass Index, and Pancreatic Cancer: A Pooled Analysis From the Pancreatic Cancer Cohort Consortium (PanScan)

A. A Arslan, K. J Helzlsouer, C Kooperberg, X. O Shu, E Steplowski, H. B Bueno de Mesquita, C. S Fuchs, M. D Gross, E. J Jacobs, A. Z LaCroix, G. M Petersen, R. Z Stolzenberg Solomon, W Zheng, D Albanes, L Amundadottir, W. R Bamlet, A Barricarte, S. A Bingham, H Boeing, M. C Boutron Ruault, J. E Buring, S. J Chanock, S Clipp, J. M Gaziano, E. L Giovannucci, S. E Hankinson, P Hartge, R. N Hoover, D. J Hunter, A Hutchinson, K. B Jacobs, P Kraft, S. M Lynch, J Manjer, J. E Manson, A McTiernan, R. R McWilliams, J. B Mendelsohn, D. S Michaud, D Palli, T. E Rohan, N Slimani, G Thomas, A Tjonneland, G. S Tobias, D Trichopoulos, J Virtamo, B. M Wolpin, K Yu, A Zeleniuch Jacquotte and A. V. Patel

Archives of Internal Medicine 170 ( 9 ): 791 - 802 , 2010

PTGS2 and IL6 genetic variation and risk of breast and prostate cancer: results from the Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium (BPC3)

L Dossus, R Kaaks, F Canzian, D Albanes, S. I Berndt, H Boeing, J Buring, S. J Chanock, F Clavel Chapelon, H. S Feigelson, J. M Gaziano, E Giovannucci, C Gonzalez, C. A Haiman, G Hallmans, S. E Hankinson, R. B Hayes, B. E Henderson, R. N Hoover, D. J Hunter, K. T Khaw, L. N Kolonel, P Kraft, J Ma, L Le Marchand, E Lund, P. H.M Peeters, M Stampfer, D. O Stram, G Thomas, M. J Thun, A Tjonneland, D Trichopoulos, R Tumino, E Riboli, J Virtamo, S. J Weinstein, M Yeager, R. G Ziegler and D. G. Cox

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 3 ): 455 - 461 , 2010

Genetic variation at chromosome 8q24 in osteosarcoma cases and controls

L Mirabello, S. I Berndt, G. F Seratti, L Burdett, M Yeager, S Chowdhury, K Teshome, A Uzoka, C Douglass, R. B Hayes, R. N Hoover, S. A Savage and the National Osteosarcoma Etiology Study Group

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 8 ): 1400 - 1404 , 2010

A Case-Control Study of Smoking and Bladder Cancer Risk: Emergent Patterns Over Time

D Baris, M. R Karagas, C Verrill, A Johnson, A. S Andrew, C. J Marsit, M Schwenn, J. S Colt, S Cherala, C Samanic, R Waddell, K. P Cantor, A Schned, N Rothman, J Lubin, J. F Fraumeni, R. N Hoover, K. T Kelsey and D. T. Silverman

JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst 101 ( 22 ): 1553 - 1561 , 2009

Mortality From Lymphohematopoietic Malignancies and Brain Cancer Among Embalmers Exposed to Formaldehyde

M Hauptmann, P. A Stewart, J. H Lubin, L. E Beane Freeman, R. W Hornung, R. F Herrick, R. N Hoover, J. F Fraumeni, A Blair and R. B. Hayes

JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst 101 ( 24 ): 1696 - 1708 , 2009