Articles by S Blankenberg (3)

The Relation of Genetic and Environmental Factors to Systemic Inflammatory Biomarker Concentrations

R. B Schnabel, K. L Lunetta, M. G Larson, J Dupuis, I Lipinska, J Rong, M. H Chen, Z Zhao, J. F Yamamoto, J. B Meigs, V Nicaud, C Perret, T Zeller, S Blankenberg, L Tiret, J. F Keaney, R. S Vasan and E. J. Benjamin

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 2 ( 3 ): 229 - 237 , 2009

Growth-Differentiation Factor-15 for Risk Stratification in Patients With Stable and Unstable Coronary Heart Disease: Results From the AtheroGene Study

T Kempf, J. M Sinning, A Quint, C Bickel, C Sinning, P. S Wild, R Schnabel, E Lubos, H. J Rupprecht, T Munzel, H Drexler, S Blankenberg and K. C. Wollert

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 2 ( 3 ): 286 - 292 , 2009

Design of the Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome-Wide Replication And Meta-Analysis (CARDIoGRAM) Study: A Genome-Wide Association Meta-analysis Involving More Than 22 000 Cases and 60 000 Controls

M Preuss, I. R Konig, J. R Thompson, J Erdmann, D Absher, T. L Assimes, S Blankenberg, E Boerwinkle, L Chen, L. A Cupples, A. S Hall, E Halperin, C Hengstenberg, H Holm, R Laaksonen, M Li, W Marz, R McPherson, K Musunuru, C. P Nelson, M Susan Burnett, S. E Epstein, C. J O'Donnell, T Quertermous, D. J Rader, R Roberts, A Schillert, K Stefansson, A. F. R Stewart, G Thorleifsson, B. F Voight, G. A Wells, A Ziegler, S Kathiresan, M. P Reilly, N. J Samani, H Schunkert and on behalf of the CARDIoGRAM Consortium

Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 3 ( 5 ): 475 - 483 , 2010