Articles by Virginia M.-Y. Lee (5)

Characterization of tau fibrillization in vitro

Shaohua Xu, Kurt R. Brunden, John Q. Trojanowski and Virginia M.-Y. Lee

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 6 ( 2 ): 110 - 117 , 2010

Advancing Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, treatment, and care: Recommendations from the Ware Invitational Summit

Mary D. Naylor, Jason H. Karlawish, Steven E. Arnold, Ara S. Khachaturian, Zaven S. Khachaturian, Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Matthew Baumgart, Sube Banerjee, Cornelia Beck, Kaj Blennow, Ron Brookmeyer, Kurt R. Brunden, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Meryl Comer, Kenneth Covinsky, Lynn Friss Feinberg, Giovanni Frisoni, Colin Green, Renato Maia Guimaraes, Lisa P. Gwyther, Franz F. Hefti, Michael Hutton, Claudia Kawas, David M. Kent, Lewis Kuller, Kenneth M. Langa, Robert W. Mahley, Katie Maslow, Colin L. Masters, Diane E. Meier, Peter J. Neumann, Steven M. Paul, Ronald C. Petersen, Mark A. Sager, Mary Sano, Dale Schenk, Holly Soares, Reisa A. Sperling, Sidney M. Stahl, Vivianna van Deerlin, Yaakov Stern, David Weir, David A. Wolk and John Q. Trojanowski

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 8 ( 5 ): 445 - 452 , 2012

Cardiovascular risk factors, cortisol, and amyloid-β deposition in Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Jon B. Toledo, Estefania Toledo, Michael W. Weiner, Clifford R. Jack, William Jagust, Virginia M.-Y. Lee, Leslie M. Shaw and John Q. Trojanowski

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 8 ( 6 ): 483 - 489 , 2012

A model for improving the treatment and care of Alzheimer's disease patients through interdisciplinary research

John Q. Trojanowski, Steven E. Arnold, Jason H. Karlawish, Mary Naylor, Kurt R. Brunden and Virginia M.-Y. Lee

Alzheimer`s & Dementia 8 ( 6 ): 564 - 573 , 2012

Disturbance of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic TAR DNA-binding Protein (TDP-43) Induces Disease-like Redistribution, Sequestration, and Aggregate Formation

Matthew J. Winton, Lionel M. Igaz, Margaret M. Wong, Linda K. Kwong, John Q. Trojanowski and Virginia M.-Y. Lee

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 ( 19 ): 13302 - 13309 , 2008