Articles by W Wu (11)

Brain tissue sodium concentration in multiple sclerosis: a sodium imaging study at 3 tesla

M Inglese, G Madelin, N Oesingmann, J. S Babb, W Wu, B Stoeckel, J Herbert and G. Johnson

Brain 133 ( 3 ): 847 - 857 , 2010

A variant in the CHEK2 promoter at a methylation site relieves transcriptional repression and confers reduced risk of lung cancer

S Zhang, J Lu, X Zhao, W Wu, H Wang, Q Wu, X Chen, W Fan, H Chen, F Wang, Z Hu, L Jin, Q Wei, H Shen, W Huang and D. Lu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 7 ): 1251 - 1258 , 2010

Mechanistic insight into the ability of American ginseng to suppress colon cancer associated with colitis

X Cui, Y Jin, D Poudyal, A. A Chumanevich, T Davis, A Windust, A Hofseth, W Wu, J Habiger, E Pena, P Wood, M Nagarkatti, P. S Nagarkatti and L. Hofseth

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 10 ): 1734 - 1741 , 2010

Association of XPD Polymorphisms with Severe Toxicity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients in a Chinese Population

W Wu, W Zhang, R Qiao, D Chen, H Wang, Y Wang, S Zhang, G Gao, A Gu, J Shen, J Qian, W Fan, L Jin, B Han and D. Lu

Clinical Cancer Research 15 ( 11 ): 3889 - 3895 , 2009

The consensus coding sequence (CCDS) project: Identifying a common protein-coding gene set for the human and mouse genomes

K. D Pruitt, J Harrow, R. A Harte, C Wallin, M Diekhans, D. R Maglott, S Searle, C. M Farrell, J. E Loveland, B. J Ruef, E Hart, M. M Suner, M. J Landrum, B Aken, S Ayling, R Baertsch, J Fernandez Banet, J. L Cherry, V Curwen, M DiCuccio, M Kellis, J Lee, M. F Lin, M Schuster, A Shkeda, C Amid, G Brown, O Dukhanina, A Frankish, J Hart, B. L Maidak, J Mudge, M. R Murphy, T Murphy, J Rajan, B Rajput, L. D Riddick, C Snow, C Steward, D Webb, J. A Weber, L Wilming, W Wu, E Birney, D Haussler, T Hubbard, J Ostell, R Durbin and D. Lipman

Genome Research 19 ( 7 ): 1316 - 1323 , 2009

Erythroid GATA1 function revealed by genome-wide analysis of transcription factor occupancy, histone modifications, and mRNA expression

Y Cheng, W Wu, S Ashok Kumar, D Yu, W Deng, T Tripic, D. C King, K. B Chen, Y Zhang, D Drautz, B Giardine, S. C Schuster, W Miller, F Chiaromonte, G. A Blobel, M. J Weiss and R. C. Hardison

Genome Research 19 ( 12 ): 2172 - 2184 , 2009

The completion of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)

Temple The MGC Project Team, D. S Gerhard, R Rasooly, E. A Feingold, P. J Good, C Robinson, A Mandich, J. G Derge, J Lewis, D Shoaf, F. S Collins, W Jang, L Wagner, C. M Shenmen, L Misquitta, C. F Schaefer, K. H Buetow, T. I Bonner, L Yankie, M Ward, L Phan, A Astashyn, G Brown, C Farrell, J Hart, M Landrum, B. L Maidak, M Murphy, T Murphy, B Rajput, L Riddick, D Webb, J Weber, W Wu, K. D Pruitt, D Maglott, A Siepel, B Brejova, M Diekhans, R Harte, R Baertsch, J Kent, D Haussler, M Brent, L Langton, C. L.G Comstock, M Stevens, C Wei, M. J van Baren, K Salehi Ashtiani, R. R Murray, L Ghamsari, E Mello, C Lin, C Pennacchio, K Schreiber, N Shapiro, A Marsh, E Pardes, T Moore, A Lebeau, M Muratet, B Simmons, D Kloske, S Sieja, J Hudson, P Sethupathy, M Brownstein, N Bhat, J Lazar, H Jacob, C. E Gruber, M. R Smith, J McPherson, A. M Garcia, P. H Gunaratne, J Wu, D Muzny, R. A Gibbs, A. C Young, G. G Bouffard, R. W Blakesley, J Mullikin, E. D Green, M. C Dickson, A. C Rodriguez, J Grimwood, J Schmutz, R. M Myers, M Hirst, T Zeng, K Tse, M Moksa, M Deng, K Ma, D Mah, J Pang, G Taylor, E Chuah, A Deng, K Fichter, A Go, S Lee, J Wang, M Griffith, R Morin, R. A Moore, M Mayo, S Munro, S Wagner, S. J.M Jones, R. A Holt, M. A Marra, S Lu, S Yang, J Hartigan, M Graf, R Wagner, S Letovksy, J. C Pulido, K Robison, D Esposito, J Hartley, V. E Wall, R. F Hopkins, O Ohara and S. Wiemann

Genome Research 19 ( 12 ): 2324 - 2333 , 2009

Multicenter Contraceptive Efficacy Trial of Injectable Testosterone Undecanoate in Chinese Men

Y Gu, X Liang, W Wu, M Liu, S Song, L Cheng, L Bo, C Xiong, X Wang, X Liu, L Peng and K. Yao

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 94 ( 6 ): 1910 - 1915 , 2009

Overexpression and Gender-specific Differences of SRC-3 (SRC-3/AIB1) Immunoreactivity in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: An In Vivo Study

H Wang, D Zhang, W Wu, J Zhang, D Guo, Q Wang, T Jing, C Xu, X Bian and K. Yang

Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 58 ( 12 ): 1121 - 1127 , 2010

Estimating smokers' mouth-level exposure to select mainstream smoke constituents from discarded cigarette filter butts

G. M Polzin, W Wu, X Yan, J. M McCraw, S Abdul Salaam, A. D Tavakoli, L Zhang, D. L Ashley and C. H. Watson

Nicotine & Tobacco Research 11 ( 7 ): 868 - 874 , 2009

Analysis of a large cluster of SLC22 transporter genes, including novel USTs, reveals species-specific amplification of subsets of family members

W Wu, M. E Baker, S. A Eraly, K. T Bush and S. K. Nigam

Physiological Genomics 38 ( 2 ): 116 - 124 , 2009