Articles by W. Jia (7)

Effect of RBP4 gene variants on circulating RBP4 concentration and Type 2 diabetes in a Chinese population

C. Hu, W. Jia, R. Zhang, C. Wang, J. Lu, H. Wu, Q. Fang, X. Ma and K. Xiang

Diabetic Medicine 25 ( 1 ): 11 - 18 , 2008

Increment of 30-min post-challenge plasma glucose is associated with urine albumin excretion in men with normal glucose regulation

D. Li, X. Hou, X. Ma, W. Zong, X. Shao, H. Lu, K. Xiang and W. Jia

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 11 ): 1323 - 1329 , 2011

Psychological status of Chinese patients with Type 2 diabetes: data review of Diabcare-China studies

C. Pan, W. Yang, W. Jia, J. Weng, G. Liu, B. Luo, X. Li, Z. Fu and H. Tian

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 4 ): 515 - 521 , 2012

Functional analyses of the mutation nt-128 T[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]G in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1α promoter region in Chinese diabetes pedigrees

Q. Fang, S. Chen, Y. Wang, S. Jiang, R. Zhang, C. Hu, C. Wang, F. Liu, K. Xiang and W. Jia

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 11 ): 1456 - 1464 , 2012

Genetic variants of LPIN1 indicate an association with Type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Chinese population

R. Zhang, F. Jiang, C. Hu, W. Yu, J. Wang, C. Wang, X. Ma, S. Tang, Y. Bao, K. Xiang and W. Jia

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 1 ): 118 - 122 , 2013

Association between KCNQ1 genetic variants and QT interval in a Chinese population

W. Yu, F. Zhang, W. Hu, R. Zhang, C. Wang, J. Lu, F. Jiang, S. Tang, D. Peng, M. Chen, Y. Bao, K. Xiang, C. Hu and W. Jia

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 10 ): 1225 - 1229 , 2013

Serum Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Is Associated with Adverse Lipid Profiles and {gamma}-Glutamyltransferase But Not Insulin Sensitivity in Chinese Subjects

H Li, Y Bao, A Xu, X Pan, J Lu, H Wu, H Lu, K Xiang and W. Jia

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 94 ( 6 ): 2151 - 2156 , 2009