Articles by H Xie (7)

Skeletal muscle NAMPT is induced by exercise in humans

S. R Costford, S Bajpeyi, M Pasarica, D. C Albarado, S. C Thomas, H Xie, T. S Church, S. A Jubrias, K. E Conley and S. R. Smith

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 298 ( 1 ): 117 - 126 , 2010

Defective female reproductive function in 1,25(OH)2D-deficient mice results from indirect effect mediated by extracellular calcium and/or phosphorus

W Sun, H Xie, J Ji, X Zhou, D Goltzman and D. Miao

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 299 ( 6 ): 928 - 935 , 2010

A group bridge approach for variable selection

J Huang, S Ma, H Xie and C. H. Zhang

Biometrika 96 ( 2 ): 339 - 355 , 2009

High-resolution mapping and analysis of copy number variations in the human genome: A data resource for clinical and research applications

T. H Shaikh, X Gai, J. C Perin, J. T Glessner, H Xie, K Murphy, R O'Hara, T Casalunovo, L. K Conlin, M D'Arcy, E. C Frackelton, E. A Geiger, C Haldeman Englert, M Imielinski, C. E Kim, L Medne, K Annaiah, J. P Bradfield, E Dabaghyan, A Eckert, C. C Onyiah, S Ostapenko, F. G Otieno, E Santa, J. L Shaner, R Skraban, R. M Smith, J Elia, E Goldmuntz, N. B Spinner, E. H Zackai, R. M Chiavacci, R Grundmeier, E. F Rappaport, S. F.A Grant, P. S White and H. Hakonarson

Genome Research 19 ( 9 ): 1682 - 1690 , 2009

Cancer Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoepidemiology: Setting a Research Agenda to Accelerate Translation

A. N Freedman, L. B Sansbury, W. D Figg, A. L Potosky, S. R Weiss Smith, M. J Khoury, S. A Nelson, R. M Weinshilboum, M. J Ratain, H. L McLeod, R. S Epstein, G. S Ginsburg, R. L Schilsky, G Liu, D. A Flockhart, C. M Ulrich, R. L Davis, L. J Lesko, I Zineh, G Randhawa, C. B Ambrosone, M. V Relling, N Rothman, H Xie, M. R Spitz, R Ballard Barbash, J. H Doroshow and L. M. Minasian

JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst 102 ( 22 ): 1698 - 1705 , 2010

The effect of sucrose and abscisic acid interaction on sucrose synthase and its relationship to grain filling of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

T Tang, H Xie, Y Wang, B Lu and J. Liang

Journal of Experimental Botany 60 ( 9 ): 2641 - 2652 , 2009

MicroRNA 132 Regulates Nutritional Stress-Induced Chemokine Production through Repression of SirT1

J. C Strum, J. H Johnson, J Ward, H Xie, J Feild, A Hester, A Alford and K. M. Waters

Molecular Endocrinology 23 ( 11 ): 1876 - 1884 , 2009