Articles by M Zheng (6)

EPIDEMIOLOGY: Associations Between Near Work, Outdoor Activity, and Myopia Among Adolescent Students in Rural China: The Xichang Pediatric Refractive Error Study Report No. 2

B Lu, N Congdon, X Liu, K Choi, D. S. C Lam, M Zhang, M Zheng, Z Zhou, L Li, A Sharma and Y. Song

Archives of Ophthalmology 127 ( 6 ): 769 - 775 , 2009

Cardioprotection by CaMKII-{delta}B Is Mediated by Phosphorylation of Heat Shock Factor 1 and Subsequent Expression of Inducible Heat Shock Protein 70

W Peng, Y Zhang, M Zheng, H Cheng, W Zhu, C. M Cao and R. P. Xiao

Circulation Research 106 ( 1 ): 102 - 110 , 2010

Cardioprotection of Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Cholesterol-Dependent MG53-Mediated Membrane Repair

X Wang, W Xie, Y Zhang, P Lin, L Han, P Han, Y Wang, Z Chen, G Ji, M Zheng, N Weisleder, R. P Xiao, H Takeshima, J Ma and H. Cheng

Circulation Research 107 ( 1 ): 76 - 83 , 2010

Cross Layer Optimization for Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks: Joint Rate Control and Routing

M Zheng, W Liang, H Yu and Y. Xiao

Computer Journal 53 ( 10 ): 1632 - 1642 , 2010

An integrative genomic analysis identifies Bhmt2 as a diet-dependent genetic factor protecting against acetaminophen-induced liver toxicity

H. H Liu, P Lu, Y Guo, E Farrell, X Zhang, M Zheng, B Bosano, Z Zhang, J Allard, G Liao, S Fu, J Chen, K Dolim, A Kuroda, J Usuka, J Cheng, W Tao, K Welch, Y Liu, J Pease, S. A de Keczer, M Masjedizadeh, J. S Hu, P Weller, T Garrow and G. Peltz

Genome Research 20 ( 1 ): 28 - 35 , 2010

Agonist-Induced Endocytosis and Receptor Phosphorylation Mediate Resensitization of Dopamine D2 Receptors

D Cho, M Zheng, C Min, L Ma, H Kurose, J. H Park and K. M. Kim

Molecular Endocrinology 24 ( 3 ): 574 - 586 , 2010