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Impact of Earthquake Demolition Debris on the Quality of Groundwater

M. S. Benmenni and K. Benrachedi

American Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (4): 545-550, 2010

ASCI-ID: 2809-1197

Uptake of Heavy Metals by Jatropha curcas L. Planted in Soils Containing Sewage Sludge

Parisa Ahmadpour, Azmi Mat Nawi, Arifin Abdu, Hazandy Abdul-Hamid, Daljit Karam Singh, Affendy Hassan, Nik Muhamad Majid and Shamshuddin Jusop

American Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (10): 1291-1299, 2010

ASCI-ID: 2809-1329

Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis niloticus) from Al-Khadoud Spring, Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed A. Al-Kahtani

American Journal of Applied Sciences 6 (12): 2024-2029, 2009

ASCI-ID: 2809-1106

Plasmid Mediated Tolerance and Removal of Heavy Metals by Enterobacter sp

Bahig El-Deeb

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 5 (1): 47-53, 2009

ASCI-ID: 217-95

Environmental Factors and Limbic Vulnerability in Childhood Autism

Richard Lathe

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 4 (2): 183-197, 2008

ASCI-ID: 217-52

Assessment of Biochemical Parameters in Heavy Metal-stressed Crop of Mung Bean [Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek]

Nidhi Saini and Sarika Gupta

American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 8 (1): 1-9, 2018

ASCI-ID: 2816-143

A Model for Bioaccumulation of Metals in Crassostrea virginica from Apalachicola Bay, Florida

Dennis A. Apeti, Elijah Johnson and Larry Robinson

American Journal of Environmental Sciences 1 (3): 239-248, 2005

ASCI-ID: 2812-42

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Local Natural Soil in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

H.A. Tayim and A.H. Al-Yazouri

American Journal of Environmental Sciences 1 (3): 190-193, 2005

ASCI-ID: 2812-34

Contributions To The Study Of Heavy Metals Concentration Variation In Sedimentable Dusts According To The Distance From The Pollution Source

Mariana DOBRA, Vasile VIMAN and Gheorghe VATCA

American Journal of Environmental Sciences 2 (3): 92-94, 2006

ASCI-ID: 2812-62

Presence of Heavy Metals in Pork Products in Chennai (India)

D. Santhi, V. Balakrishnan Balakrishnan, A. Kalaikannan and K. T. Radhakrishnan

American Journal of Food Technology 3 (3): 192-199, 2008

ASCI-ID: 9-12

Heavy Metal Composition of Some Imported Canned Fruit Drinks in Nigeria

Chukwujindu M.A. Iwegbue, S.O. Nwozo, E.K. Ossai and G.E. Nwajei

American Journal of Food Technology 3 (3): 220-223, 2008

ASCI-ID: 9-42

Influence of UVA+B Radiation and Heavy Metals on Growth, Some Metabolic Activities and Antioxidant System in Pea (Pisum sativum) Plant

Amal A.H. Saleh

American Journal of Plant Physiology 2 (2): 139-154, 2007

ASCI-ID: 10-53

Sediment quality assessment of Klang Estuary, Malaysia

Abolfazl Naji and Ahmad Ismail

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 15 (3): 287-293, 2012

ASCI-ID: 2556-158

Trace metals and rare earth elements in Rock Oyster Saccostrea cucullata along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

M. M. Fuad, N. A. M. Shazili and M. Faridah

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 16 (1): 78-87, 2013

ASCI-ID: 2556-121

Are the fish captured from Kor River, Fars (Iran), safe to eat?

Mansour Ebrahimi and Mahnaz Taherianfard

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management 13 (1): 94-98, 2010

ASCI-ID: 2556-59

Food Quality and Safety of Mediterranean Sea Cucumbers Holothuria tubulosa and Holothuria polii in Southern Adriatic Sea

B. Sicuro, M. Piccinno, F. Gai, M.C. Abete, A. Danieli, F. Dapra, S. Mioletti and S. Vilella

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 7 (9): 851-859, 2012

ASCI-ID: 13-462

Trace Metals in Muscle, Liver and Gill Tissues of Marine Fishes from Mersing, Eastern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia: Concentration and Assessment of Human Health Risk

H.B. Fathi, M.S. Othman, A.G. Mazlan, A. Arshad, S.M.N. Amin and K.D. Simon

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 8 (2): 227-236, 2013

ASCI-ID: 13-552

Seasonal Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Water and Sediment of Fish Pond at Bhagwanpur, Roorkee (U.K.), India

Aarti Maurya, Tarana Negi and Ram Krishna Negi

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 12 (1): 16-22, 2018

ASCI-ID: 15-289

Effect of Steel Production on the Quality of Soil Around Udu Section of Warri River in the Vicinity of a Steel Plant, Nigeria

Samuel O. Akporido, Patience O. Agbaire and Ayodele R. Ipeaiyeda

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (7): 552-567, 2014

ASCI-ID: 61-377

Analysis of the Sources and Pattern of Heavy Metal Concentration in Urban Road Dust, Lagos State, Nigeria

Fatai Ogundele, I. Adeshina, Chidinma Jeremiah and Labaran Abalaka

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 12 (3): 123-127, 2019

ASCI-ID: 61-526

Impact of Togo’s Urbans Solids Wastes Sorting and Composting on the Total Content of Heavy Metals

E.K. Koledzi, K.N. Segbeaya, M. Tcha-Thom, G. Baba, G. Matejka and G. Tchangbedji

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 9 (3): 113-119, 2016

ASCI-ID: 61-449

Bioavailability of Some Heavy Metals in Crude Oil Contaminated Soils Remediated with Pleurotus tuber-regium Fr. Singer

E.M. Ogbo and J.A. Okhuoya

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 4 (1): 53-61, 2011

ASCI-ID: 62-61

Biochemical Values of Pig Dung Collected from Different Locations in Imo State, Southeastern Nigeria

C.G. Okoli, F.A. Edo, I.P. Ogbuewu, I.J. Nwajiobi, V.H.A. Enemor and I.C. Okoli

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (3): 470-476, 2019

ASCI-ID: 62-432

Analyses of Selected Heavy Metals and Mineral Elements in Pollution Prone Aquatic Environments of North-Western Region of Nigeria

H.L. Muhammad, R.A. Shehu, L.S. Bilbis and S.M. Dangoggo

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (6): 252-261, 2014

ASCI-ID: 62-297

Hepatoprotective Potential of Calcium and Magnesium Against Cadmium and Lead Induced Hepatotoxicity in Wistar Rats

J.D. Dabak, S.Y. Gazuwa and G.A. Ubom

Asian Journal of Biotechnology 1 (1): 12-19, 2009

ASCI-ID: 74-4

Study of Aromatic Plants on Cadmium Exposure Through Anatomical Structure, Shoot Root Ratio, Essential Oil and Heavy Metals

Yustina Sri Sulastri, Mukhlis, Revandy Iskandar Damanik and Tengku Sabrina

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences (In Press)

ASCI-ID: 7-2024

Irrigation with Sewage Water: Assessment of Water Quality, Nutrients and Heavy Metal Distribution

R.G. Kakar, M.Yasinzai, A.U. Salarzai, F.C. Oad and M.H. Siddiqui

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 5 (3): 438-440, 2006

ASCI-ID: 7-936

Influence of Sewage Sludge and Organic Manures Application on Wheat Yield and Heavy Metal Availability

Tahir Hussain Chatha, Rifat Hayat and Irum Latif

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 1 (2): 79-81, 2002

ASCI-ID: 7-70

Evaluating the Performance of Heavy Metals in Surface Ponds among Land-use using Z-score and Coefficient of Variation

A.O. Ayeni and I.I. Balogun

Asian Journal of Scientific Research 5 (3): 162-169, 2012

ASCI-ID: 8-213

Levels of Some Trace Metals in the Fadama Soils and Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Along the Bank of River Challawa, Nigeria

U.A. Awode, A. Uzairu, M.L. Balarabe, O.J. Okunola and Adewusi S.G.

Asian Journal of Scientific Research 1 (4): 458-463, 2008

ASCI-ID: 8-54

Genotoxic Potential of Agricultural Soils of Amritsar

J.K. Katnoria, S. Arora and A. Nagpal

Asian Journal of Scientific Research 1 (2): 122-129, 2008

ASCI-ID: 8-31

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals by Bacteria Isolates from Mambilla Mining Site, Nguroje, Taraba State, Nigeria

V.S. Tatah, I.N.E. Onwurah, O. Otitoju, O.E. Yakubu and L.M. Ayantse

Biotechnology 21 (4): 156-162, 2022

ASCI-ID: 11-927

Metal Tolerance and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacillus species Isolated from Sunchon Bay Sediments, South Korea

Seralathan Kamala-Kannan and Kui Jae Lee

Biotechnology 7 (1): 149-152, 2008

ASCI-ID: 11-362

Biochemical Investigation of Wistar Albino Rats Orally Exposed to Bonny Light Crude Oil and Andrographis paniculata Leaf Extract

S.C. Onuoha, C.C. Chukwuma and M.O. Monanu

Biotechnology 21 (4): 182-197, 2022

ASCI-ID: 11-930

The Influence of Some Heavy Metals Content of Substrate and pH on Bioabsorption Level at Six Macromycetes Species Common in Southern Forest of Romania

Gabriela BUSUIOC, Carmen Cristina ELEKES, Cristina RADULESCU, Nicolae PETRESCU, Anca GHEBOIANU and Beatrice SERDIN

Bulletin of UASVM Agriculture 67 (2): 18-25, 2010

ASCI-ID: 202-84

The Metal Concentrations and Daily Physiological Contribution of Mushrooms for the Necessary of Iron, Magnesium and Zinc

Carmen Cristina ELEKES and Gabriela BUSUIOC

Bulletin of UASVM Agriculture 67 (2): 222-227, 2010

ASCI-ID: 202-116

Effect of Some Metals Like the Cu, Fe and Zn in the Grop of Rice Irrigated with Urban Waste Waters in Albufera of Valencia (Spain)


Bulletin of UASVM Agriculture 67 (2): 69-75, 2010

ASCI-ID: 202-92

Environmental impact of repeated applications of combined paper mill biosolids in silage corn production

B. Gagnon, N. Ziadi, C. Cote and M. Foisy

Canadian journal of Soil Sciences 90 (1): 215-227, 2010

ASCI-ID: 183-46

Biosorption of Cd(II), Cu(II), Ni(II), Pb(II) and Zn(II) using different residual biomass

J. M. Lezcano, F. Gonzalez, A. Ballester, M. L. Blazquez, J. A. Munoz and C. Garcia- Balboa

Chemistry and Ecology 26 (1): 1-17, 2010

ASCI-ID: 133-74

Establishment techniques to using willow for phytoremediation on a former oil refinery in southern Quebec: achievements and constraints

Werther Guidi, Hafssa Kadri and Michel Labrecque

Chemistry and Ecology 28 (1): 49-64, 2012

ASCI-ID: 133-128

Biogeochemistry and cycling of zinc and copper in a dyked seasonally flooded savanna

Danilo Lopez-Hernandez

Chemistry and Ecology 24 (6): 387-399, 2008

ASCI-ID: 133-44

Heavy Metals Contamination and Speciation in Sediments of the Owabi Reservoir

Osei Akot and Ernest Abankwa

Environmental Research Journal 8 (1): 10-16, 2014

ASCI-ID: 149-196

Seasonal Variations of Some Heavy Metals in Water, Sediments and Fish Samples Collected from the River Nile, Egypt

A.G.M. Osman, K.Y. Abuel-Fadl, A.M. Elbtar and M.A.M. Taha

Environmental Research Journal 6 (5): 321-328, 2012

ASCI-ID: 149-179

Heavy Metal Contents of Meats from Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria

A. Inobeme, P.A. Obigwa, E. Olori, C. Eziukwu and O. Bamigboye

Environmental Research Journal 12 (2-4): 19-22, 2018

ASCI-ID: 149-207

Exploring the Regulatory Role of Wood Vinegar on Heavy Metals (Copper, Zinc) Before and After Cow Dung Composting

Zhiyu Li, Ling Zhou, Fei Liu, Xuening Luo, Jinlong Sun, Cuilan Qin and Leiyuan Wang

Information Technology Journal 13 (15): 2453-2460, 2014

ASCI-ID: 28-3546

Concentration of Heavy Metals in Guava Plant Parts and Soil in the Sungai Wangi Plantation, Perak, Malaysia

J. Khairiah, Y. Ding-Woei, J. Habibah, R. Ahmad-Mahir, A. Aminah and B.S. Ismail

International Journal of Agricultural Research 4 (10): 310-316, 2009

ASCI-ID: 32-287

Heavy Metal Uptake and Detoxification Mechanisms in Plants

Shruti Mishra and R. S. Dubey

International Journal of Agricultural Research 1 (2): 122-141, 2006

ASCI-ID: 32-59

Comparison of Physico-Chemical Properties of Tunisian Activated Sludge and Produced Compost

Mohamed Anis El hammadi, Melika Trabelsi, Amel Jrad, Habib Gannouchi and Belgacem Hanchi

International Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (4): 385-390, 2007

ASCI-ID: 32-157

Bioaccumulation of Some Metals by Green Mussel Perna viridis (Linnaeus 1758) from Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia

B.Y. Kamaruzzaman, M.S. Mohd Zahir, B. Akbar John, K.C.A. Jalal, S. Shahbudin, S.M. Al-Barwani and J.S. Goddard

International Journal of Biological Chemistry 5 (1): 54-60, 2011

ASCI-ID: 34-84

Composition of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants in Compost Produced from Different Organic Wastes

Mohamed Anis El Hammadi and Belgacem Hanchi

International Journal of Biological Chemistry 5 (1): 46-53, 2011

ASCI-ID: 34-83

Biomonitring of Drainage Water Quality by Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms in Bahr El-Baqar Drain, Egypt

Ghada Abd Allah El- Sherbeny and Samah Mahmoud Ramadan

International Journal of Botany 12 (1-3): 1-10, 2016

ASCI-ID: 19-438

Evaluation of Mychorrhizae Symbiosis Efficiency with Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) through 32P Uptake under Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals

M.R. Ardakani, S. Teimuri, M. Rezvani, H. Fathollahi, A. Khorasani, F. Rejali, A. Raza and F. Zafarian

International Journal of Botany 5 (3): 236-243, 2009

ASCI-ID: 19-269

Enhanced Biodegradation of Oil Products by Some Microbial Isolate Supplemented with Heavy Metals

Aniruddha Sarma and Hemen Sarma

International Journal of Botany 6 (4): 441-448, 2010

ASCI-ID: 19-341

Heavy metals in Phalaris arundinacea growing in a constructed wetland treating municipal sewage

Jan Vymazal, Lenka Kropfelova, Jaroslav Svehla and Jana Nemcova

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 91 (7): 753-767, 2011

ASCI-ID: 145-225

Characterisation of soil quality and mobility of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn in the Baia Mare area Northwest Romania following the historical pollution

Erika Levei, Tiberiu Frentiu, Michaela Ponta, Marin Senila, Mirela Miclean, Cecilia Roman and Emil Cordos

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 89 (8): 635-649, 2009

ASCI-ID: 145-74

Toxicity, PGP Activity, Bioaccumulation of Cadmium, Copper and Chromium (VI) in Nitrogen-fixing Rhizobacteria

Malik M. Ahmad, Athar Ali, Pravej Alam, Saleem Javed, M.Z. Abdin and Mohammad Saghir Khan

International Journal of Plant Pathology 5 (1): 12-20, 2014

ASCI-ID: 76-40

Chemical Contaminants in Traditionally Smoked Chicken Sold in the Open Markets of Lomé

A.D. Akakpo, K.J. Ekpo, K.M. Aziato and E.G. Osseyi

International Journal of Poultry Science 20 (3): 136-144, 2021

ASCI-ID: 101-2594

Nutritional Quality and Safety of Chicken Meat Consumed in Ota, Ogun State

O.T. Kayode, O.A. Afolayan, A.A.A. Kayode and H.A. Mohammed

International Journal of Poultry Science 17 (6): 280-284, 2018

ASCI-ID: 101-2335

Salicornia europea, a Bioaccumulator in Maharloo Salt Lake Region

T. Eslamzadeh

International Journal of Soil Science 1 (1): 75-80, 2006

ASCI-ID: 42-20

Relation Between Aqua-regia Extractable Heavy Metals in Soil and Manihot utilissima Within a Municipal Dumpsite

E.D. Udosen, N.U. Benson, J.P. Essien and G.A. Ebong

International Journal of Soil Science 1 (1): 27-32, 2006

ASCI-ID: 42-14

Bio-Absorption of Some Heavy Metals by Pleurotus tuber-regium Fr. Singer (An Edible Mushroom) from Crude Oil Polluted Soils Amended with Fertilizers and Cellulosic Wastes

E.M. Ogbo and J.A. Okhuoya

International Journal of Soil Science 6 (1): 34-48, 2011

ASCI-ID: 42-120

Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution and Fish Parasites as Biological Indicators at Arabian Gulf off Dammam Coast, Saudi Arabia

Elsayed M. Bayoumy, Sanaa K.A. Abou-El- dobal and Mohey A. Hassanain

International Journal of Zoological Research 11 (5): 198-206, 2015

ASCI-ID: 46-263

Health Status and Genotoxic Effects of Metal Pollution in Tilapia zillii and Solea vulgaris from Polluted Aquatic Habitats

Mamdouh Yousif Elgendy, Iman Kamel Abumourad, Shimaa Elsayed Mohamed Ali, Waleed Salah El-Din Soliman, Taghreed Borhan El-Din Ibrahim and Wafaa Tawfik Abbas

International Journal of Zoological Research 13 (2): 54-63, 2017

ASCI-ID: 46-279


A. Behbahaninia, S. A. Mirbagheri and J. Nouri

Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 7 (5): 401-406, 2010

ASCI-ID: 104-139


M. R. Massoudi Nejad, M. Rezazadeh Azary and M. Khatiby

Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 4 (1): 13-20, 2007

ASCI-ID: 104-13


Z. Farahmandkia, M. R. Mehrasbi and M. S. Sekhavatjou

Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 8 (1): 49-56, 2011

ASCI-ID: 104-128

Changes in Soil Fertility and Plant Uptake of Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Response to Sewage Sludge Application to Calcareous Soils

Munir Jamil Mohammad and Bayan M. Athamneh

Journal of Agronomy 3 (3): 229-236, 2004

ASCI-ID: 31-119

Characterization of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils of Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu

M. Malarkodi, R. Krishnasamy, R. Kumaraperumal and T. Chitdeshwari

Journal of Agronomy 6 (1): 147-151, 2007

ASCI-ID: 31-333

Evaluation of Effluent Quality Used for Irrigation of Vegetable Production in Different Districts of Potowar, Pakistan

Tahir Hussain Chattha, Mateen ul Hassan Khan and Muhammad Imran Latif

Journal of Agronomy 4 (4): 345-348, 2005

ASCI-ID: 31-198

Determination of Some Chemical Properties of Common Cattail (Typha latifolia L.)

Mehvail Nacaroglu, Ali Riza Demirkiran and Nihat Tursun

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 8 (12): 2719-2726, 2009

ASCI-ID: 156-1930

Metal Concentrations in Different Tissues of Jellyfish (Rhopilema nomadica Galil, 1990) in Iskenderun Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean

Onder Duysak, Ayse Bahar Yilmaz and Yavuz Mazlum

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 12 (12): 1109-1113, 2013

ASCI-ID: 156-4151

An Investigation into The Effect of Traffic Pollution on The Levels of Some Heavy Metals in Goats` Urine Samples

F.O. Abulude, O.S. Eluyode and A.T. Jegede

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 5 (2): 132-134, 2006

ASCI-ID: 156-244

Exchangeable Metals in the Warri Coastal Sediments, Nigeria

C.E. Adeeyinwo, J.G. Ayenimo and I.A. Amoo

Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (5): 816-819, 2005

ASCI-ID: 35-835

Impact of Storage Tanks on Drinking Water Quality in Al-Karak Province-Jordan

Anf H. Ziadat

Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (4): 634-638, 2005

ASCI-ID: 35-801

Monitoring of Certain Pesticide Residues and Some Heavy Metals in Fresh Cow’s Milk at Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

I.N. Nasr, A.A.A. Sallam and A.A. Abd El-Khair

Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (20): 3038-3044, 2007

ASCI-ID: 35-2054

Effect of Sewage Water on Growth, Metabolism and Yield of Bean

I.M. Zeid and H.M. Abou El Ghate

Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (1): 34-40, 2007

ASCI-ID: 38-1301

Soil Analysis of Contaminated Soil from Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia and Influence of Aluminium and Cobalt Ions on the Growth of Fungi Isolated

Al-Kadeeb A. Siham

Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (3): 549-553, 2007

ASCI-ID: 38-1394

Estimated Heavy Metal Residues in Egyptian Vegetables in Comparison with Previous Studies and Recommended Tolerable Limits

Gomaa Nour-Eldein Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed Bedair Mohamed Ahmed, Essam Mahmoud Saleh and Ahmed Sayed Morsy Fouzy

Journal of Biological Sciences 18 (3): 135-143, 2018

ASCI-ID: 38-2454

Geoinformation Modelling of Heavy Metals Spatial Distribution in Soils of Polyfunctional Towns

Fedor Lisetskii, Alexander Matsibora, Iryna Kuraieva and Yuliia Voitiuk

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13 (8): 2013-2017, 2018

ASCI-ID: 157-3452

Heavy Metals Residues in Soil and Vegetables from Agricultural Area in Wangkanai District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

Pantip Kayee, Surusda Seksitkan and Kunnikar Pattharadechapaibul

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13 (1): 177-180, 2018

ASCI-ID: 157-2892

Assessment of Air Pollution by Suspended Particles and Some Heavy Metals for Selected Areas in Baghdad City

Muhannad Kh. Mohammed, Majed Hassan Karbon, Raheem Jafer Aziz, Nabeel Hashim Ameen and Huda Nassar Karkosh

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13 (10): 3651-3656, 2018

ASCI-ID: 157-3709

Use of Oxidative Stress and Genotoxic Biomarkers of Aquatic Beetles Anaceana globulus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) as Biomonitors of Water Pollution

Mourad L. Shonouda, Lamia M. El-Samad, ELHassan Mokhamer and Noura Toto

Journal of Entomology 13 (4): 122-131, 2016

ASCI-ID: 48-441

Impact of Cement Dust on the Testis of Tachyderma hispida (Forskal, 1775) (Coleoptra: Tenebrionidae), Inhabiting Mariout Region (Alexandria, Egypt)

Dalia Abel-Moneim Kheirallah, Zeinab Ahmed El-Moaty and Doha Ahmed El-Gendy

Journal of Entomology 13 (3): 55-71, 2016

ASCI-ID: 48-440

Preliminary Studies on the Phytoremediation Potential of Phragmites karka (Retz.) in Asa River

U.N. Uka, H.A. Mohammed and E. Aina

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 8 (1): 87-93, 2013

ASCI-ID: 54-380

Nutritional Composition and Heavy Metal Contamination of Prominent Fishmeal Samples

Edah Bernard and Oke Adetola

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 17 (1): 1-8, 2022

ASCI-ID: 54-687

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Freshwater Clarias anguillaris and Parachanna africana from Lake Geriyo in Yola, Nigeria

B.Y. Jonathan, H.M. Maina and Y.M. Musa

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 8 (1): 287-290, 2013

ASCI-ID: 54-363

Comparative Assessment of Heavy Metals in Orechromis NiloticusTilipia (From the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike Fresh Water Fish Pond in Abia State with Those Frmom Uzere Fresh Water Pond in Delta State of Nigeria

T.A. Abii, O.E. Afieroho and F.U. Nnamdi

Journal of Fisheries International 2 (3): 226-230, 2007

ASCI-ID: 160-74

Determination and Assessment of Heavy Metal Content in Fish and Shellfish in Aba River, Abia State, Nigeria

A.O.Ubalua, U.C. Chijioke and O.U. Ezeronye

Journal of Fisheries International 1 (2): 106-110, 2006

ASCI-ID: 160-21

Determination of Minerals and Heavy Metals in Water, Sediments and Three Fish Species (Tilapia nilotica, Silurus glanis and Arius parkii) from Lagdo Lake, Cameroun

Ahmed Ali, Dodo Ahmadou, Bouba Adji Mohamadou, Clement Saidou and Dzudie Tenin

Journal of Fisheries International 5 (3): 54-57, 2010

ASCI-ID: 160-135

Heavy Metal Levels in Most Common Available Fish Species in Saudi` Market

Nawal Al-Bader

Journal of Food Technology 6 (4): 173-177, 2008

ASCI-ID: 162-372

Geochemical signature in off-shore sediments from the Gulf of Cadiz inner shelf: Sources and spatial variability of major and trace elements

Laura Sanchez-Garcia, J.-Ramon de Andres and J.-Antonio Martin-Rubi

Journal of Marine Systems 80 (3): 191-202, 2010

ASCI-ID: 125-168

Heavy metals in edible seaweeds commercialised for human consumption

Victoria Besada, Jose Manuel Andrade, Fernando Schultze and Juan Jose Gonzalez

Journal of Marine Systems 75 (1-2): 305-313, 2009

ASCI-ID: 125-60

Geophagy and Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd and Hg) Content of Local Kaolin Varieties in the Cameroon Market: Assessment Indices for Contamination and Risk of Consumption or Toxicity to the Population

J. N. Bonglaisin, C. M.F. Mbofung and D. N. Lantum

Journal of Medical Sciences 15 (1): 1-9, 2015

ASCI-ID: 41-1283

Arsenic, Lead and Microorganisms in Hair and Nails of Some Women from Saudi Arabia

A. R. Hashem and K. F. Abed

Journal of Medical Sciences 2 (2): 82-84, 2002

ASCI-ID: 41-153

Induced Geophagy with Local Kaolin from Cameroon Market and Heavy Metals (Lead, Cadmium and Mercury) Profile of Rat Blood, Liver, Placentas and Litters

Bonglaisin Julius Nsawir

Journal of Medical Sciences 15 (1): 10-17, 2015

ASCI-ID: 41-1288

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: A Potential Tool for Phytoremediation

Nishi Mathur, Joginder Singh Sachendra Bohra, Afshan Quaizi and Anil Vyas

Journal of Plant Sciences 2 (2): 127-140, 2007

ASCI-ID: 56-85

Bioremediation of Engine Oil Polluted Soil by the Tropical White Rot Fungus,Lentinus squarrosulus Mont. (Singer)

Clementina O. Adenipekun and Omoanghe S. Isikhuemhen

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 11 (12): 1634-1637, 2008

ASCI-ID: 1-561

Heavy Metal Composition of Some Solid Minerals in Nigeria and Their Health Implications to the Environment

Adeseye Muyiwa Arogunjo

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10 (24): 4438-4443, 2007

ASCI-ID: 1-4800

Interaction Between Heavy Metals and Thiol-linked Redox Reactions in Germination

M. Smiri, A. Chaoui and E.E. Ferjani

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 13 (18): 877-883, 2010

ASCI-ID: 1-5426

Bioaccumulation Potential of Heavy Metals in Edible Fungal Sporocarps from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

B.N. Ita, G.A. Ebong, J.P. Essien and S.I. Eduok

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 7 (1): 93-97, 2008

ASCI-ID: 100-521

Chemical Characteristics of Drinking Water of Peshawar

Amjad Ali Bacha, Mohammad Illyas Durrani and Parveez Iqbal Paracha

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 9 (10): 1017-1027, 2010

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Seasonal Variation of Metal Concentrations in Catfish, Blue Crab and Crayfish from Warri Coastal Water of Delta State, Nigeria

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