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Modeling the Effect of Temperature on Percentage and Duration of Seed Germination in Grain Legumes and Cereals

Mehmet Serhat Odabas and Zeki Mut

American Journal of Plant Physiology 2 (5): 303-310, 2007

ASCI-ID: 10-78

Effect of the Extract of Schanginia aegyptiaca on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.)

Majeed K. Abbas and Ali Sabah Ali

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research 6 (2): 83-90, 2012

ASCI-ID: 12-103

Salt Tolerance in Two Suaeda Species: Seed Germination and Physiological Responses

Bo Guan, Junbao Yu, Zhaohua Lu, Wisdom Japhet, Xiaobing Chen and Wenjun Xie

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 9 (4): 194-199, 2010

ASCI-ID: 7-1489

Effect of Genotypes and Pre-Sowing Treatments on Seed Germination Behavior of Jatropha

A.K.M.A. Islam, N. Anuar and Z. Yaakob

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 8 (6): 433-439, 2009

ASCI-ID: 7-1439

Salinity Effects on Germination Properties of Kochia scoparia

M. Jami Al-Ahmadi and M. Kafi

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 5 (1): 71-75, 2006

ASCI-ID: 7-869

Effect of Infra-Red Laser on Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Germination

Abdelghafar M. Abu-Elsaoud, Sultan T. Tuleukhanov and Dina Z. Abdel-Kader

International Journal of Agricultural Research 3 (6): 433-438, 2008

ASCI-ID: 32-259

Control of Beta vulgaris Pathogens using Lantana camara Linn. Essential oil in vitro

M. Eweis and Amber S. Gad

International Journal of Botany 7 (4): 289-294, 2011

ASCI-ID: 19-384

Effect of Temperature Treatment on Seed Water Content and Viability of Green Pea (Pisum sativum L.) and Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) Seeds

K. Beena Anto and K.M. Jayaram

International Journal of Botany 6 (2): 122-126, 2010

ASCI-ID: 19-294

Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment on Health and Quality of Chilli Seed

Munmun Nandi, Zehad Pervez, Md Shah Alam, Md Shahidul Islam and Md Rubel Mahmud

International Journal of Plant Pathology 8 (1): 8-13, 2017

ASCI-ID: 76-55

Salinity Effects on Germination of Forage Sorghumes

H. Siti Aishah, A.R. Saberi, R.A. Halim and A.R. Zaharah

Journal of Agronomy 9 (4): 169-174, 2010

ASCI-ID: 31-505

Screening Wheat and Barley Genotypes for Salinity Resistance

Talal Thalji and Ghalib Shalaldeh

Journal of Agronomy 6 (1): 75-80, 2007

ASCI-ID: 31-316

Effect of Salt Stress on Growth Parameters, Moisture Content, Relative Water Content and Photosynthetic Pigments of Fenugreek Variety RMt-1

Neelesh Kapoor and Veena Pande

Journal of Plant Sciences 10 (6): 210-221, 2015

ASCI-ID: 56-325

Modeling the Effect of Temperature on the Germination Percentage and the Days to Germination in Some Industry Plants

Kudret Kevseroglu, Sezgin Uzun and Omer Caliskan

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (9): 1424-1426, 2000

ASCI-ID: 1-1615

Effect of Salt Stress on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Three Salinity Plants

Yan Li

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 11 (9): 1268-1272, 2008

ASCI-ID: 1-201

Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria as Biocontrol Against (Colletotrichum capsici) on Chilli Bangi

Asma Saleh W. El-Mabrok, Zaiton Hassan, Ahmed Mahir Mokhtar, Khaled M.A. Hussain and Fredy Kesnawan Shan Bin Abdul Kahar

Research Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (9): 466-473, 2012

ASCI-ID: 168-636

Efficacy of Lactobacillus plantarum C5 Cell and Their Supernatant Against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Germination Rate of Chilli Seeds

Asma Saleh W. El-Mabrok, Zaiton Hassan, Ahmed Mahir Mokhtar and Mohamed Mustafa Aween

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (4): 159-164, 2012

ASCI-ID: 169-1041

Morphology, germination, and storage behaviour in seeds of Tuscan populations of Fritillaria montana (Liliaceae), a rare perennial geophyte in Italy

Elisa MANCUSO, Gianni BEDINI and Lorenzo PERUZZI

Turkish Journal of Botany 36 (2): 161-166, 2012

ASCI-ID: 132-183