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Effect of seed rate and row spacing in seed production of Festulolium

L. C. Deleuran, R. Gislum and B. Boelt

Acta Agriculture Scandinavica Section B-Soil & Plant Science 60 (2): 152-156, 2010

ASCI-ID: 187-101

Sesame (Sesame indicum L.) Growth, Yield, Yield Components and Weed Infestation as Influenced by Different Sowing Methods and Seed Rates in a Sudano-Sahelian Savanna Agroecology of Nigeria II

E.O. Imoloame, N.A. Gworgwor and S.D. Joshua

Agricultural Journal 2 (6): 748-752, 2007

ASCI-ID: 146-202

Reaction of Agronomic and Reproductive Characters of Cowpea Breeding Lines under Meloidgyne inchognita Inoculation

Adeniji Olawale Taiwo

Agricultural Journal 2 (5): 617-621, 2007

ASCI-ID: 146-176

Effects of Potassium Fertilizer on Yield Components and Nutrient Composition of Egusi (Citrullus lanatus)

S.O. Omotoso, O. JAyodele and C.O. Akinrinsola

Agricultural Journal 1 (4): 303-306, 2006

ASCI-ID: 146-56

Effect of Irrigation Scheduling on Growth Parameters and Water Use Efficiency of Barely and Faba Bean Crops in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Mushari A. Al-Naeem

American Journal of Plant Physiology 3 (3): 111-120, 2008

ASCI-ID: 10-17

Response of Physiological Characteristics, Seed Yield and Seed Quality of Quinoa under Difference of Nitrogen Fertilizer Management

P. Kansomjet, P. Thobunluepop, S. Lertmongkol, E. Sarobol, P. Kaewsuwan, P. Junhaeng, N. Pipattanawong and M.T. Ivan

American Journal of Plant Physiology 12 (1): 20-27, 2017

ASCI-ID: 10-233

Variation in Morphological Traits and Yield Evaluation among Natural Populations of Medicago truncatula and Medicago laciniata

Abderrezak Chebouti, Nassila Meziani, Fadila Bessedik, Mohamed Laib and Soraya Amrani

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (3): 596-603, 2019

ASCI-ID: 62-450

Effects of Weed Duration on Seed Yield and Yield Components of Double-cropped Soybean

Ilhan Uremis, Mehmet Arslan and Ahmet Uludag

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 4 (4): 370-373, 2005

ASCI-ID: 7-794

Effect of Different Planting Densities on the Grain Yield of Canola (Sarson) Varieties

Muhammad Yousaf, Amir Ahmed, N. Nawaz, G. Sarwar and B. Roidar

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 1 (4): 332-333, 2002

ASCI-ID: 7-168

Growth Parameters and Seed Yield Compenets by Seeding Time and Seed Density of Non-/Few Branching Soybean Cultivars in Drained Paddy Field

Young- Son Cho and Sok- Dong Kim

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 9 (3): 140-145, 2010

ASCI-ID: 7-1478

Effects of Planting Time and Mother Bulb Size on Onion (Allium cepa L.) Seed Yield and Quality at Kobo Woreda, Northern Ethiopia

Teshome Ashagrie, Derbew Belew, Sentayehu Alamerew and Yehenew Getachew

International Journal of Agricultural Research 9 (5): 231-241, 2014

ASCI-ID: 32-583

Yield Performance of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) Cultivars Under Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions

Erkut Peksen

International Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (4): 391-396, 2007

ASCI-ID: 32-156

Differences in Salt Tolerance Between Phaseolus vulgaris and Phaseolus coccineus Cultivars

M. Gutierrez, J.A. Escalante-Estrada and M.T. Rodriguez-Gonzalez

International Journal of Agricultural Research 4 (9): 270-278, 2009

ASCI-ID: 32-284

Comparative Yield Potential and Oil Contents of Different Canola Cultivars (Brassica napus L.)

Mansoor Sana, Asghar Ali, M. Asghar Malik, M.Farrukh Saleem and Muhammad Rafiq

Journal of Agronomy 2 (1): 1-7, 2003

ASCI-ID: 31-44

Seed Yield of Persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum L.) as Affected by Row Distance and Herbicide Applications

Naci Algan, A. Esen Celen, Riza Avcioglu, Hakan Geren and Abdurrahman Uzun

Journal of Agronomy 6 (2): 310-316, 2007

ASCI-ID: 31-365

Agronomic and Morphological Characters of Some Common Vetch (Vicia sativa L.) Genotypes under Trakya Region Conditions

Adnan Orak and Ilker Nizam

Journal of Agronomy 3 (2): 72-75, 2004

ASCI-ID: 31-90

Determination of Some Agricultural Characters of Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Genotypes

Mehmet Ali Avci and Ercan Ceyhan

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 12 (7): 798-802, 2013

ASCI-ID: 156-4096

Photosynthetic Contribution of the Inflorescence and Adjacent Green Tissue to Grain Yield in Four Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Genotypes under Diverse Environmental Conditions

Parviz Ehsanzadeh, Rouia Mahmoudieh and Nasrin Fareed

Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (2): 263-269, 2007

ASCI-ID: 38-1373

Correlation and Path Coefficient Analyses of Seed Yield Components in the Sainfoin (Onobrychis sativa L.)

Mevlut Turk and Necmettin Celik

Journal of Biological Sciences 6 (4): 758-762, 2006

ASCI-ID: 38-1228

Techniques of N:P Application on Wheat Yield under the Rainfed Condition of Dera Ismail Khan

Rahmat Ullah Khan, Abdul Ahad, Abdur Rashid and M. Amin

Journal of Biological Sciences 1 (3): 90-91, 2001

ASCI-ID: 38-128

Indirect Selection for Genetic Improvement of Seed Yield and Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Iranian Common Bean Genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Ahmad Reza Golparvar and Abdollah Ghasemi-Pirbalouti

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 9 (11): 2097-2101, 2006

ASCI-ID: 1-4163

Response of Mustard to Boron Fertilization in Old Brahmaputra Floodplain Soil

H. M. Naser and M. R. Islam

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 4 (6): 645-646, 2001

ASCI-ID: 1-1999

Evaluation of Selection Indices for Identification of Productive Mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) Genotypes Under Different Water Regimes

Kalsoom Akhtar, Muhammad Ashraf and Altaf-ur-Rehman Rao

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (10): 1541-1544, 2000

ASCI-ID: 1-1692

Effects of B, Mo, Zn, and Their Interactions on Seed Yield of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Mei YANG, Lei SHI, Fang-Sen XU, Jian-Wei LU and Yun-Hua WANG

Pedosphere 19 (1): 53-59, 2009

ASCI-ID: 143-37

Inheritance of Boron Efficiency in Oilseed Rape

Lei SHI, Yun-Hua WANG, Fu-Zhao NIAN, Jian-Wei LU, Jin-Ling MENG and Fang-Sen XU

Pedosphere 19 (3): 403-408, 2009

ASCI-ID: 143-61

Dynamics of Powdery Mildew (Erysiphe trifolii) Disease of Lentil Influenced by Sulphur and Zinc Nutrition

Anil Kumar Singh, B.P. Bhatt, K.M. Singh, Abhay Kumar, Manibhushan, Ujjawal Kumar, Naresh Chandra and R.C. Bharati

Plant Pathology Journal 12 (2): 71-77, 2013

ASCI-ID: 43-360

Roles of Honeybee-Pollination on Major Agronomic Performances of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L. var. Hunter River)

Bekele Mechalu

Research Journal of Agronomy 9 (1): 5-8, 2015

ASCI-ID: 167-83

Influence of Source and Time of Nitrogen Application on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Composition of Egusi Melon

J.O. Olaniyi and J.A. Fagbayide

Research Journal of Agronomy 1 (3): 99-104, 2007

ASCI-ID: 167-23

Genotype x Environment Interaction and Stability Analysis of Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) Ecotypes for Seed Yield in Turkey

E. Sahin, H. Zeinalzadeh Tabrizi and M. Tosun

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 6 (9): 413-416, 2011

ASCI-ID: 169-963

Influence of Seeding Rate and Reduced Doses of Super Gallant Herbicide on Weed Control, Yield and Component Yield of Mung Bean

Abdolraheem Shakibapour and Saeed Saeedipour

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences 9 (5): 241-248, 2015

ASCI-ID: 68-443

Efficacy Evaluation of some Herbicides for Weed Management and Yield Attributes in Broad Bean (Vicia faba)

Zeinab Aboali and Saeed Saeedipour

Research Journal of Environmental Sciences 9 (6): 289-295, 2015

ASCI-ID: 68-450

Plant Development and Yield as Prejudiced by Perilla (Perilla frutescens L.) Germplasm Lines in India Hill Condition

Abhishek Bahuguna and Birendra Prasad

Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 8 (3): 121-125, 2014

ASCI-ID: 82-258

Effect of Different Sowing Times and Cutting Management on Phenology and Yield of off Season Coriander under Protected Cultivation

S. Guha, A.B. Sharangi and S. Debnath

Trends in Horticultural Research 3 (1): 27-32, 2013

ASCI-ID: 79-25

The impact of seeding rate and inter-row spacing on Italian ryegrass for seed in the first harvest year


Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 33 (5): 425-433, 2009

ASCI-ID: 131-62

Soybean Seed Yield Performances under Different Cultural Practices

Mehmet SINCIK, Abdurrahim Tanju GOKSOY and Zeki Metin TURAN

Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 33 (2): 111-118, 2009

ASCI-ID: 131-31

Effects of Nitrogen Fertilisation on Nitrate Reductase Activity, Protein, and Oil Yields of Nigella sativa L. as Affected by Foliar GA3 Application

Shoukat Hussain SHAH

Turkish Journal of Botany 32 (2): 165-170, 2008

ASCI-ID: 132-16