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In Vitro Interaction of 5-Hydroxytrptamine with Cytosolic Molybdenum Hydroxylases as a Potential Inhibitor for Initial Rates Activities

Abdullah M. Al-Mohizea, Abd El-Galil E. Amr and Mohamed A. Al-Omar

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 6 (3): 181-186, 2010

ASCI-ID: 217-211

Biosensor Based on Xanthine Oxidase for Monitoring Hypoxanthine in Fish Meat

Helena Shizuko Nakatani, Luciane Vieira dos Santos, Cristiano Peralta Pelegrine, Sandra Terezinha Marques Gomes, Makoto Matsushita, Nilson Evelazio de Souza and Jesui Vergilio Visentainer

American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 1 (2): 85-89, 2005

ASCI-ID: 217-128

Evaluation of Cytotoxic, Anti-angiogenic and Antioxidant Properties of Standardized Extracts of Strobilanthes crispus Leaves

N.S. Muslim, K.W. Ng, A. Itam, Z.D. Nassa, Z. Ismail and A.M.S. Abdul Majid

International Journal of Pharmacology 6 (5): 591-599, 2010

ASCI-ID: 23-505

Purine Derivatives in The Plasma and Urine and Tissue Xanthine Oxidase (XO) in Sudanese Camels (Camelus dromedarius)

H. E. Mohamed

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 5 (4): 310-312, 2006

ASCI-ID: 156-546

Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor Activity of Terpenoid and Pyrrole Compounds Isolated from Snake Fruit (Salacca edulis Reinw.) cv. Bongkok

Leni Herliani Afrianti Priyatno, Elin Yulinah Sukandar, Slamet Ibrahim and I. Ketut Adnyana

Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (20): 3127-3130, 2007

ASCI-ID: 35-2031

Development of a Polypyrrole-Based Amperometric Phosphate Biosensor

A.T. Lawal and S.B. Adeloju

Journal of Applied Sciences 9 (10): 1907-1914, 2009

ASCI-ID: 35-2997

Interaction of 2-thio-4-oxo-quinazoline Derivatives with Guinea Pig Liver Molybdenum Hydroxylases, Xanthine Oxidase and Aldehyde Oxidase

M.A. Al-Omar, S.T. Al-Rashood, H.I. El-Subbagh and S.G. Abdel Hamide

Journal of Biological Sciences 5 (3): 370-378, 2005

ASCI-ID: 38-1042

Inhibition Kinetic of Apium graveolens L. Ethanol Extract and its Fraction on the Activity of Xanthine Oxidase and its Active Compound

Dyah Iswantini, Nadinah, Latifah Kosim Darusman and Trivadila

Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (1): 51-56, 2012

ASCI-ID: 38-2097

Indonesian Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia L.) as Antigout and Inhibition Kinetics of Flavonoids Crude Extract on the Activity of Xanthine Oxidase

D. Iswantini, L.K. Darusman and R. Hidayat

Journal of Biological Sciences 9 (5): 504-508, 2009

ASCI-ID: 38-1802

In vitro Antioxidant, Lipoxygenase and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activities of Fractions from Cienfuegosia digitata Cav., Sida alba L. and Sida acuta Burn f. (Malvaceae)

K. Konate, A. Souza, A.Y. Coulibaly, N.T.R. Meda, M. Kiendrebeogo, A. Lamien-Meda, J. Millogo-Rasolodimby, M. Lamidi and O.G. Nacoulma

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 13 (22): 1092-1098, 2010

ASCI-ID: 1-5442

Evaluation of Enzymes Inhibition Activities of Medicinal Plant from Burkina Faso

Mindiediba Jean Bangou, Martin Kiendrebeogo, Nag-Tiero Roland Meda, Ahmed Yacouba Coulibaly, Moussa Compaore, Boukare Zeba, Jeanne Millogo-Rasolodimby and Odile Germaine Nacoulma

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 14 (2): 99-105, 2011

ASCI-ID: 1-5496

Effects of Onion on Serum Uric Acid Levels and Hepatic Xanthine Dehydrogenase/Xanthine Oxidase Activities in Hyperuricemic Rats

Fatemeh Haidari, Mohammad Reza Rashidi, Seid Ali Keshavarz, Soltan Ali Mahboob, Mohammad Reza Eshraghian and Majid Mohamad Shahi

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 11 (14): 1779-1784, 2008

ASCI-ID: 1-4347

Ameliorative Effect of Alkaloidal Fraction of Leaves of Alstonia scholaris Against Acetic Acid Induced Colitis via Modulation of Oxido-nitrosative and Pro-inflammatory Cytokines

Amit D. Kandhare, Mithun V.K. Patil and Subhash L. Bodhankar

Pharmacologia 7 (4): 170-181, 2016

ASCI-ID: 5001-322

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Activities from Galls of Guiera senegalensis J.F. Gmel (Combretaceae)

P.A.E.D. Sombie, A. Hilou, C. Mounier, A.Y. Coulibaly, M. Kiendrebeogo, J.F. Millogo and O.G. Nacoulma

Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 5 (4): 448-461, 2011

ASCI-ID: 82-123

A New Flavonoid C-Glycoside from Celtis australis L. and Celtis occidentalis L. Leaves and Potential Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities

Taha S. EL-ALFY, Hamida M. A. EL-GOHARY, Nadia M. SOKKAR, Mohammed HOSNY and Dalia A. AL-MAHDY

Scientia Pharmaceutica 79 (4): 963-975, 2011

ASCI-ID: 5014-125

Impact of Glycerol, Mannitol, Neurotol and Neurotol Plus Administration in Alcohol Induced Ischemic Rat Model

A. Soni, M. Chaudhary, V.K. Dwivedi, S.M. Shrivastava and R. Sehgal

Trends in Medical Research 4 (3): 42-48, 2009

ASCI-ID: 96-60