1153 results found

Input promotion within a complex subsector: fertilizer in Nigeria

Lenis Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie and Hiroyuki Takeshima

Agricultural Economics 44 (6): 581-594, 2013

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Risks and farmers’ investment in productive assets in Nigeria

Hiroyuki Takeshima and Futoshi Yamauchi

Agricultural Economics 43 (2): 143-153, 2012

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Do vouchers improve government fertilizer distribution? Evidence from Nigeria

Lenis Saweda O. Liverpool-Tasie

Agricultural Economics 45 (4): 393-407, 2014

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Technical and Allocative Efficiency Analysis of Nigerian Rural Farmers: Implication for Poverty Reduction

B.C. Asogwa, J.C. Ihemeje and J.A.C. Ezihe

Agricultural Journal 6 (5): 243-251, 2011

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Credit Constraints and Poverty among Nigerian Farming Households

Adekemi Adebisola Obisesan and Roseline Jumoke Akinlade

Agricultural Journal 8 (2): 94-100, 2013

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An Assessment of Youths Participation in Agriculture and Rural Development, Benue State, Nigeria

V.A. Okwoche, A.I. Age and F.O. Alegwu

Agricultural Journal 7 (5): 365-369, 2012

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Metals Concentrations in Tissues of Tilapia gallier, Crarias lazera and Osteoglossidae Caught from Alau Dam, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria

G.A. Dimari, F.I. Abdulrahman, J.C. Akan and S.T. Garba

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Effects of Crude Oil and Spent Oil on Clarias garipinus: A Typical Marine Fish

A.M. Gbadebo, A.M. Taiwo and O.B. Ola

American Journal of Environmental Sciences 5 (6): 753-758, 2009

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Assessment of Chemical/phytotoxin and Microbial Contamination of Pasta Foods Marketed in Nigeria

P.N. Okafor and O.D. Omodamiro

American Journal of Food Technology 1 (2): 190-195, 2006

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Heavy Metal Composition of Some Imported Canned Fruit Drinks in Nigeria

Chukwujindu M.A. Iwegbue, S.O. Nwozo, E.K. Ossai and G.E. Nwajei

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Average Weight Based Quality Control of Nigeria Bakery Industry: A Statistical Approach

O.O. Ajayi and D.O. Olawale

American Journal of Food Technology 2 (3): 212-216, 2007

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Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriage amongst Healthcare Workers of the Critical Care Units in a Nigerian Hospital

A. Fadeyi, B.O. Bolaji, O.O. Oyedepo, O.O. Adesiyun, M.A.N. Adeboye, T.O. Olanrewaju, A. Aderibigbe, A.K. Salami, O.O. Desalu, A. Fowotade, C. Nwabuisi, A.A. Akanbi II, R.A. Raheem and A. Olalere

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Attitudinal Disposition of Urban Dwellers Towards Participation in Urban Agriculture in Oyo State, Nigeria: Implication for Sustainable Food Production

O.A. Olaniyi

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research 6 (1): 1-11, 2012

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Rural Farmers Sources and Use of Credit in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria

Akinnagbe Oluwole Mattthew and Adonu Anthony Uchechukwu

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research 8 (4): 195-203, 2014

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Resource-Use Efficiency in Yam Production in Delta and Kogi States of Nigeria

P.A. Ekunwe, S.I. Orewa and C.O. Emokaro

Asian Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (2): 61-69, 2008

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Effect of Solvent Extraction on Crude Protein, in vitro Protein Digestibility and Amino Acid Profile of Neem Seed Cake

D.B. James, D.A. Ameh and A.S. Agbaji

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 2 (2): 81-85, 2007

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Haemoglobin Polymorphism Characteristics Evaluation Along with Morphological Traits in Duroc Pigs in Imo State, Nigeria

M.O. Nwachukwu, P.N. Abara, J.N. Azorji, S.N. Nmezi and P.C. Onyebuagu

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 17 (3): 105-110, 2022

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Peri-Urban Small Ruminant Production in Northern Guinea Savanna, Nigeria

M.K. Ajala, O.S. Lamidi and S.M. Otaru

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 3 (3): 138-146, 2008

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Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents in Nigeria: A Case Study of Obinze/Nekede/Iheagwa Road in Imo State, Southeastern, Nigeria

J. Ohakwe, I.S. Iwueze and D.C. Chikezie

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 4 (2): 166-175, 2011

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Natural Radionuclides Distribution in the Granitic Rocks and Soils of Abandoned Quarry Sites, Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria

A.M. Gbadebo

Asian Journal of Applied Sciences 4 (2): 176-185, 2011

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Glycemic Status and Lipid Profiles of Diabetics in Sokoto, Nigeria

M.J. Ladan, R.A. Umar, S.W. Hassan and B. Shehu

Asian Journal of Biochemistry 2 (3): 183-187, 2007

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Occurrence of Salmonella and their Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern Associated with Poultry Accessories in Maiduguri, Nigeria

Jasini Athanda Musa, Hauwa Suleiman Bello, Iliya Dauda Kwoji, Barka John and Emmanuel Anjili Hamidu

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (2): 307-312, 2019

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Incidence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Different Food Sources in Enugu, Nigeria

Eneh Chiamaka, Nweze Emeka and Eke Ifeanyichukwu

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (4): 671-676, 2019

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Evaluation of Cytological and Morphological Traits of Morinda lucida Benth. - An Under-exploited Tropical Species

C.V. Ilodibia, B.E. Okoli and C.U. Okeke

Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 12 (4): 891-897, 2019

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Artisanship Disconnect: Declining Technical Apprenticeship and Artisan Service and the Implications for Nigeria’s Future Development

Onyenekenwa Cyprian Eneh

Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering 2 (2): 37-51, 2010

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Software Design for a Firewall Security System

F.I. Anyasi, A.K. Yesufu and J. Oriafo

Asian Journal of Information Technology 6 (7): 785-792, 2007

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Some Advances and Prospects in Nanotechnology: A Review

J.C. Osuwa and P.C. Anusionwu

Asian Journal of Information Technology 10 (2): 96-100, 2011

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Deregulation of Foreign Exchange Market and its Effect on Industrial Produce in Nigeria

Ikpefan Ochei Ailemen, Isibor Areghan Akhanolu and Okafor Tochukwu Chibuzor

Asian Journal of Information Technology 15 (13): 2101-2107, 2016

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The Influence of Root Rot on Dry Matter Partition of Three Cassava Cultivars Planted in Different Agro-ecological Environments

S.O. Aigbe and S.U. Remison

Asian Journal of Plant Pathology 4 (2): 82-89, 2010

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Ethnomedicinal Flora of Otuo People of Edo State, Nigeria

M. Idu, H.I. Onyibe, O. Timothy and J.O. Erhabor

Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 7 (1): 8-12, 2008

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Economic Impact of Recurrent Outbreaks of Gumboro Disease in a Commercial Poultry Farm in Kano, Nigeria

I.W. Musa, L. Sai`du and E.S. Abalaka

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 6 (4): 152-159, 2012

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Effect of Disease Management on Profitability of Chicken Egg Production in Southwest Nigeria

O.K. Akintunde, A.I. Adeoti, V.O. Okoruwa, B.T. Omonona and A.O. Abu

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 9 (1): 1-18, 2015

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Seroprevalence of Active and Passive Immunity Against Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 (EDS`76) in Village Poultry in Nigeria

M.B. Abubakar, A.D. El-Yuguda, A.A. Yerima and S.S. Baba

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 2 (1): 58-61, 2008

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Root’s Supply Response for Smallholder Farmers Supplying Cassava to Commercial Starch Processors in Nigeria

Ifeanyi A. Ojiako, G. Tarawali, L. Nze, D. Ogundijo, M. Edtet, B. Audu and S. Adenekan

Asian Journal of Rural Development 7 (1): 1-14, 2017

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Crippling Poverty Amidst Corporate Social Actions: A Critique of Peripheral Corporate Community Involvement in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Onyenekenwa Cyprian Eneh

Asian Journal of Rural Development 1 (1): 1-20, 2011

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Gender Gap and Sustainable Human Development in Nigeria: Issues and Strategic Choices

Onyenekenwa Cyprian Eneh and Anayo Dominic Nkamnebe

Asian Journal of Rural Development 1 (1): 41-53, 2011

ASCI-ID: 63-3

A Survey of Digital Technologies Used in the Procurement of Building Projects: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria

Eziyi Offia Ibem, Egidario Bridget Aduwo, Emmanuel Adekunle Ayo-Vaughan and Patience Fikiemo Tunji-Olayeni

Asian Journal of Scientific Research 11 (4): 456-465, 2018

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Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Prospects of Two Wild Macro-Fungi Found in Nigeria

Okwulehie, Ikechukwuka Cyriacus, Nwosu, C. Princewill and Okoroafor Chukwuma Johnpaul

Biotechnology 6 (4): 567-572, 2007

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Towards Effective Physical Planning in Local Governments in Nigeria

Michael Oloyede Alabi and Ade Akinbode

Environmental Research Journal 4 (2): 173-176, 2010

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Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Changes to Monitor Urban Sprawl in Keffi-Nigeria

Abubakar Mahmud and Anjide Simon Achide

Environmental Research Journal 6 (2): 130-135, 2012

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Application of Multivariate Statistical Methods to Assessment of Water Quality in Selected Locations of the Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria

M.K. Ladipo, V.O. Ajibola and S.J. Oniye

Environmental Research Journal 6 (3): 141-150, 2012

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Productivity and Efficiency of Nigeria’s Seaports: A Production Frontier Analysis

E. Onwuegbuchunam Donatus

International Business Management 6 (1): 41-46, 2012

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Exchange Rate Pass Through to Domestic Price and Output in Nigeria

Olusegun A. Omisakin

International Business Management 3 (3): 38-42, 2009

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Consumer Payment Pattern and Motivational Factors for Using Debit Card in Nigeria

O.O. Adeoti, K.O. Osotimehin and O.T. Olajide

International Business Management 6 (3): 352-355, 2012

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Fertilizer Sector Liberalization: Effects on the Profitability of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Egusi, Okra and Tomato Production in Nigeria

O.J. Ayodele, M.O. Oladapo and S.O. Omotoso

International Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (1): 81-86, 2007

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Growth and Yield of Onion (Allium cepa L.) as Influenced by Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels

U. Aliyu, M.D. Magaji, A. Singh and S.G. Mohammed

International Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (11): 937-944, 2007

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Antibiotics Assay Pattern of Escherichia coli Isolates from Rainwater in Ondo State, Nigeria

F.C. Akharaiyi, T.T. Adebolu, D.E. Akponmendaye and F.O. Omoya

International Journal of Biological Chemistry 1 (3): 179-183, 2007

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The Human Genome and Malaria: Prevalence of Inherited Haemoglobin Disorders in Sokoto, Nigeria

R.A. Umar, S.W. Hassan, M.J. Ladan, I.K. Matazu, M. Nma Jiya and H.O. Usman

International Journal of Biological Chemistry 1 (3): 168-173, 2007

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Ethnomedicinal and Phytochemical Profile of Some Savanna Plant Species in Nigeria

S.P. Bako, M.J. Bakfur, I. John and E.I. Bala

International Journal of Botany 1 (2): 147-150, 2005

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Phylogenetic Relationship among Eggplant Solanum L. and Related Species in Southern Nigeria as Revealed by Nuclear and Chloroplast Genes

M.O. Sifau, L.A. Ogunkanmi, K.O. Adekoya, B.O. Oboh and O.T. Ogundipe

International Journal of Botany 10 (1): 30-36, 2014

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Survey of Anti-Inflammatory Plants Sold on Herb Markets in Lagos Nigeria

M.O. Sofidiya, O.A. Odukoya, A.J. Afolayan and O.B. Familoni

International Journal of Botany 3 (3): 302-306, 2007

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Microbial Assessments of Bulk Milk Before and After Pasteurization in Two Different Dairy Farms in Zaria, Nigeria

M.K. Lawan, F.O. Abdulsalawu, A. Suleiman, T. Aluwong and L.S. Yaqub

International Journal of Dairy Science 7 (4): 103-108, 2012

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Sero-prevalence of Brucellosis in Milk of Sheep and Goats in Kaduna North Senatorial District of Kaduna State, Nigeria

B.Y. Kaltungo, S.N.A. Saidu, A.K.B. Sackey and H.M. Kazeem

International Journal of Dairy Science 8 (2): 58-64, 2013

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Design and Construction of a 5 kW Turbine for a Proposed Micro Hydroelectric Power Plant Installation at Awba Dam University of Ibadan

T. Ajuwape and O.S. Ismail

International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering 5 (3): 131-138, 2011

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Optimising Reactive Compensation in Power System

S.A. Ike and F. Izuagie

International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering 6 (1): 13-18, 2012

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Low Frequency Power Oscillation Damping Enhancement and Voltage Improvement Using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) in Multi-Machine Power System

Nwohu Mark Ndubuka

International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering 5 (4): 174-180, 2011

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Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Picralima Nitida Stembark Extracts

C.U. Iroegbu and C.K. Nkere

International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Advance Sciences 1 (2): 182-189, 2005

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Susceptibility Faecal Isolates of Commensal E. coli from Cattle to Fluoroquinolones and Cephalosporins

A.O. Ajayi, O. Oluduro, O.A. Olowe and O. Famurewa

International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Advance Sciences 6 (3): 43-48, 2010

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Productivity and Egg Quality Characteristics of Free Range Naked Neck and Normal Feathered Nigerian Indigenous Chickens

A. Yakubu, D.M. Ogah and R.E. Barde

International Journal of Poultry Science 7 (6): 579-585, 2008

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Comparative Study of the Pathology and Pathogenesis of a Local Velogenic Newcastle Disease Virus Infection in Ducks and Chickens

Chekwube Paul EZE, John Osita Arinze Okoye, Innocent Okonkwo Ogbonna, Wilfred Sunday Ezema, Didacus Chukwuemeka EZE, Emmanuel Chukwudi Okwor, John Okpabi IBU and Elayor Aliyu Salihu

International Journal of Poultry Science 13 (1): 52-61, 2014

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Introduction of the Water-bed Incubation Technology to Rural Poultry Farmers in Bauchi State, Nigeria

A. Sulaiman, Peng Hong, A. Nata`ala, M.R. Ja`afar and Ibrahim Alkasim

International Journal of Poultry Science 9 (12): 1161-1163, 2010

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Influence of Cyberphobia on Female Undergraduates Participation in Internet Research

Chibueze Offor, Elochukwu Ukwandu and Roseline Ogbonna

International Journal of Soft Computing 6 (5): 152-157, 2011

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Measurement Noise Filtration and State Estimation of a Discrete-Time Stochastic Process

E.C. Obinabo and C.E. Ojieabu

International Journal of Soft Computing 5 (2): 29-34, 2010

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A Survey of Parasites of Domesticated Pigeon (Columba livia domestic) in Zaria, Nigeria

A.J. Natala, N.D. Asemadahun, O.O. Okubanjo, B.M. Ulayi, Y.H. Owolabi, I.D. Jato and K.H. Yusuf

International Journal of Soft Computing 4 (4): 148-150, 2009

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Fertility Status of Selected Soils in the Sudan Savanna Biome of Northern Nigeria

B. M. Shehu, J. M. Jibrin and A. M. Samndi

International Journal of Soil Science 10 (2): 74-83, 2015

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Irrigation Suitability Evaluation of Asu River Basin Soils, South Eastern Nigeria

A.S. Fasina

International Journal of Soil Science 3 (1): 35-41, 2008

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Yield Response of a Cowpea Variety on Ground Seashells on Isohyperthermic Arenic Kandiudult of Owerri Southeastern Nigeria

E.U. Onweremadu, C.C. Opara, U. Nkwopara, C.I. Duruigbo and I.I. Ibeawuchi

International Journal of Soil Science 1 (3): 251-257, 2006

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Socio-Economic Factors Influencing the Quality of Life of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Kogi State, Nigeria

Mofolorunsho C. Kehinde, Fatiregun A. Akinola and Osagbemi K. Gordon

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 8 (1): 6-10, 2013

ASCI-ID: 155-199

Determinants of Intrauterine Fetal Death among Unbooked Paturients at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Southern Nigeria

Terhemen Kasso, Justina Omoikhefe Alegbeleye and Israel Jeremiah

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 15 (2): 6-10, 2020

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Onchocerciasis and ABO Blood Group Status: A Field Based Study

K.N. Opara

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 2 (4): 123-125, 2007

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Prevalence of HIV Neonatal Infection Amongst Babies Born to HIV Positive Parents in Maiduguri North-Eastern Nigeria

A.C. Ene, B.B. Ajayi and E.A. Nwankwo

International Journal of Virology 3 (1): 41-44, 2007

ASCI-ID: 45-85

Seroprevalence and Molecular Investigation of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Type-16 in HIV Positive Women in Abakaliki, Nigeria

Euslar Nnenna Onu, Emmanuel Mbah Onu, Chika Ejikeugwu, Cornelius Ituma Azi, Jude Ugwu and Ogbonnaya Ogbu

International Journal of Virology 19 (1): 1-5, 2023

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Seroprevalence of HIV Infection in Kwara, Nigeria

R.E. Akhigbe, J.O. Bamidele and O.L. Abodunrin

International Journal of Virology 6 (3): 158-163, 2010

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Observations on Oestrus ovis L. (Diptera: Oestridae) Myiasis in the Nasal Cavities and Sinuses of the Domestic Sheep (Ovis aries) in Zaria, Northern Nigeria

S.J. Oniye, D.A. Adebote and C.B. Ahunanya

International Journal of Zoological Research 2 (2): 178-185, 2006

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Endoparasitic Helminths of the Upside-Down Catfish, Synodontis Membranaceus (Geoffroy Saint Hilarie) in Jebba Lake, Nigeria

Olufemi D. Owolabi

International Journal of Zoological Research 4 (3): 181-188, 2008

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Perstans Filariasis in Rural Communities of the Lower Cross River Basin Nigeria: Parasitological Observations

N.I.G. Udoidung, I.E. Braide, K.N. Opara and H.A. Adie

International Journal of Zoological Research 3 (4): 207-212, 2007

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T. Ch. Ogwueleka

Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering 6 (3): 173-180, 2009

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Effect of Different Sources of Nitrogen on Growth and Yield of Solanum Macrocarpon in Derived Savanna of Nigeria

Amudalat Bolanle Olaniyan, Henry A. Akintoye and Bunmi Olasanmi

Journal of Agronomy 5 (2): 182-185, 2006

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An Evaluation of Cation Exchange Characteristics of Two Soils in South Western Nigeria

M.A. Nwachokor and W.A. Molindo

Journal of Agronomy 6 (3): 464-467, 2007

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Updated Classification of Some Soil Series in Southwestern Nigeria

M.A. Nwachokor and F.O. Uzu

Journal of Agronomy 7 (1): 76-81, 2008

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Changes in Biochemical, Hematological and Cytokine in Endurance Horses with Metabolic Crises

Lawan Adamu, Noraniza Mohd Adzahan, Rasedee Abdullah and Bashir Ahmad

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 (18): 3431-3436, 2012

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Reproductive Performance of White Fulani, N`dama and Their Crossbred in a Hot Humid Environment

F.O. Ahamefule, J.A. Ibeawuchi, S.N. Okereke and A.C. Anyanwu

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 6 (8): 955-958, 2007

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Survey on Bovine Brucellosis in Sokoto Metropolitan Abattoir, Nigeria

Yakubu Yusuf and Abdullahi Abdulrasheed

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 18 (5): 143-146, 2019

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Land Degradation: Theory and Evidence from the North-West Zone of Nigeria

M.G. Maiangwa, A.O. Ogungbile, J.O. Olukosi and T.K. Atala

Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (6): 785-795, 2007

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Economic Effects of Fascioliasis on Animal Traction Technology in Adamawa State, Nigeria

M.R. Jaafar-Furo, S.I. Mshelia and A. Suleiman

Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (7): 1305-1309, 2008

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The Association of K76T Mutation in Pfcrt Gene and Chloroquine Treatment Failure in Uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in a Cohort of Nigerian Children

R.A. Umar, S.W. Hassan, M.J. Ladan, M. Nma Jiya, M.K. Abubakar and U. Nata`ala

Journal of Applied Sciences 7 (23): 3696-3704, 2007

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Morphological studies in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. lines in Southwestern Nigeria

O.J. Lawal, A.E. Ayodele and K.S. Chukwuka

Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (5): 737-744, 2007

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Salinity and the Macrobenthic Community Structure in Eichhornia crassipes of Warri River, Nigeria

J.O. Olomukoro

Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (2): 309-314, 2007

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Isolation, Identification, Antibiogram and Characterization of Bacterial Pathogens of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori in South-West Nigeria

Femi Ayoade, Nicholas E. Oyejide and Scott O. Fayemi

Journal of Biological Sciences 14 (6): 425-430, 2014

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Prevalence of dyslipidemia in normoglycemic subjects with newly diagnosed high blood pressure in Abuja, Nigeria

Dike B. Ojji, Samuel O. Ajayi, Manmak H. Mamven and John Atherton

Journal of Clinical Lipidology 3 (1): 51-56, 2009

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An Appraisal of Monetary Policy and its Effect on Macro Economic Stabilization in Nigeria

Amassoma J. Ditimi, P.I. Nwosa and Eberu Rume Michelle

Journal of Economics Theory 5 (2): 44-49, 2011

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Real Exchange Rates, Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1980-2012)

F. Akeju Kemi

Journal of Economics Theory 8 (2): 19-23, 2014

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Resource Management on Cassava-Based Mixed Cropping Systems in Imo State, Nigeria

N.N.O. Oguoma and F.O. Nwosu

Journal of Economics Theory 3 (4): 63-70, 2009

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Crushed Waste Glass as a Partial Replacement of Cement in Normal Concrete Production with Sugar Added as an Admixture

G.L. Oyekan and O.A. Oyelade

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 6 (6): 369-372, 2011

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Science Process Skills Acquired by Senior Secondary School Chemistry Students in Quantitative Analysis in Enugu Education Zone, Nigeria

Florence Obiageli Ezeudu, Anselem Abonyi Ugwuanyi and Ameh Rachael Folake

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 14 (2 SI): 5333-5338, 2019

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Contrators Risk Exposure in Public Educational Institution Projects in Nigeria

A.A. Olatunji

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2 (9): 1434-1439, 2007

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Survey for the Usage of Arthropods in Traditional Medicine in Southwestern Nigeria

O.A. Lawal and A.D. Banjo

Journal of Entomology 4 (2): 104-112, 2007

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The Breeding of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Peridomestic Containers and Implication in Yellow Fever Transmission in Villages Around Zaria, Northern Nigeria

A. David Adebote, J. Sonnie Oniye, S. Iliya Ndams and K. Mary Nache

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Sustainable Fisheries Management through Efficient Fisheries Resources Data Statistics

Akeem Oladipupo Sotolu

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 6 (3): 202-211, 2011

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Gender and Fisheries of Lake Kainji, Nigeria: A Review

G.O. Nwabeze, P.I. Ifejika, A.A. Tafida, J.O. Ayanda, A.P. Erie and N.E. Belonwu

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 8 (1): 9-13, 2013

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The Contributions of Environmental and Haematological Factors to the Distributions and Estimations of Eustrongylides africanus Larvae Densities in Clarias gariepinus and Clarias anguillaris from Bida Floodplain of Nigeria

T.I.I. Ibiwoye, R.A. Ogunsusi, A.M. Balogun and J.J. Agbontale

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 3 (3): 195-205, 2008

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Cohort Analysis of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii in the Lagos-Lekki Lagoon System, Nigeria

E.A. Falaye and P.O. Abohweyere

Journal of Fisheries International 3 (1): 19-26, 2008

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Growth and Heterosis in Reciprocal Clarias Hybrids Between Clarias gariepinus and Clarias anguillaris

A.A. Akinwande, O.A. Fagbenro and O.T. Adebayo

Journal of Fisheries International 6 (3): 67-70, 2011

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Gillnet Selectivity and Abundance in the Parailia pellucida (Boulenger, 1901) (Schilbeidae) Fishery of the Freshwater Reaches of the Lower Nun River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

M.E. Allison, I.F. Vincent-Akpu and A.D.I. George

Journal of Fisheries International 4 (1): 5-7, 2009

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Selected Quality Attributes of Jam Produced from Osmo-Dehydrated Cashew Apple

S.A. Oyeyinka, B.I.O. Ade-Omowaye, P.O. Ngoddy and O.R. Karim

Journal of Food Technology 9 (1): 27-31, 2011

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Effect of Fermentation Period on the Organic Acid and Amino Acid Contents of Ogiri from Ricinus communis

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