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Performance of free suckling dairy calves in an automatic milking system and their behaviour at weaning

S. Froberg, L. Lidfors, K. Svennersten-Sjaunja and I. Olsson

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Sciences 61 (3): 145-156, 2011

ASCI-ID: 134-88

The effect of concentrate level and concentrate composition on the performance of growing dairy heifers reared and finished for beef production

A. Huuskonen, P. Lamminen and E. Joki-Tokola

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Sciences 59 (4): 220-229, 2009

ASCI-ID: 134-60

Effects of barley grain processing method (steam-processed vs. dry-rolled) on intake and growth performance of dairy calves

A. Huuskonen

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A - Animal Sciences 61 (3): 137-144, 2011

ASCI-ID: 134-87

Nutritional responses in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed diets with different physical qualities at stable or variable environmental conditions


Aquaculture Nutrition 17 (6): 657-670, 2011

ASCI-ID: 144-111

Effects of Acacia tortilis Pod Feeding in Improving Performance of Goats Fed Grass Hay

Denbela Hidosa and Sintayehu Kibiret

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 15 (2): 50-59, 2020

ASCI-ID: 13-1010

Voluntary Feed Intake and Nutrient Composition in Chickens

C.A. Mbajiorgu, J.W. Ng`ambi and D.D. Norris

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 6 (1): 20-28, 2011

ASCI-ID: 13-230

Feed Intake, Live Weight Gain and Meat Quality of Galla Goats Fed Different Grasses

Mathew Echopat Papa, Wanzila Usyu Mutinda and Edwin Nicholas Odongo

Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 18 (2): 83-89, 2023

ASCI-ID: 13-1050

Effect of Gmelina (Gmelina arborea) Leaf Meal Based Diets on Growth Performance of West African Dwarf Bucks

A.I. Ukanwoko and O.V. Okehielem

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 10 (2): 154-158, 2016

ASCI-ID: 15-232

Feed Intake and Nutrient Digestibility of Growing Yankasa Rams Fed Sorghum Stover Supplemented with Graded Levels of Dried Poultry Droppings Based Diet

A.A. Bello and D.N. Tsado

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 7 (2): 56-63, 2013

ASCI-ID: 15-149

Fresh Rice Straw Silage Affected by Ensiling Additives and Durations and its Utilisation in Beef Cattle Diets

Don Viet Nguyen and Lam Hoang Dang

Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 14 (1): 16-24, 2020

ASCI-ID: 15-297

The Effects of Increasing Levels of Yeast Culture (Levucel SB) in a High Fibre-Diet on the Performance and Nutrient Retention of Broiler Chicks

J.O. Oyedeji, H.I. Ajayi and T. Egere

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 2 (1): 53-57, 2008

ASCI-ID: 27-6

Effects of Different Energy Protein Ratio on the Performance of Desi Native Chickens During Growing Phase

Mohammad Shehbaz Anjum and Sohail Hassan Khan

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 2 (1): 42-47, 2008

ASCI-ID: 27-3

Growth Performance and Carcass Yield of Broilers as Affected by Stocking Density and Enzymatic Growth Promoters

H.H.M. Hassanein

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 5 (2): 94-101, 2011

ASCI-ID: 27-50

Influence of Medicinal Plants Mixture on Productive Performance Cross Bred Dairy Goats

F. Mirzaei, S. Prasad and S. Savar Sofla

Current Research in Dairy Sciences 4 (1): 6-16, 2012

ASCI-ID: 17-5

A Monitoring Device for Studying Feed, Water Intake and Excretion of Individual Poultry

Li Lihua, Guo Yanxia, Chen Hui, Li Jiuxi, Huang Ren-lu and Zang Sumin

Information Technology Journal 12 (21): 6090-6092, 2013

ASCI-ID: 28-2984

Growth Performance, Organ Characteristics and Carcass Quality of Weaner Rabbits Fed Different Levels of Wild Sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia Hemsl A. Gray) Leaf-Blood Meal Mixture

R.O. Olabanji, G.O. Farinu, J.A. Akinlade and O.O. Ojebiyi

International Journal of Agricultural Research 2 (12): 1014-1021, 2007

ASCI-ID: 32-244

Interaction Between Ascorbic Acid and Dopamine D2 Receptor in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell in Response to Feeding

F. Badreh, M. Abbasnejad, A. Derakhshani and H. Jonaidi

International Journal of Biological Chemistry 3 (4): 132-141, 2009

ASCI-ID: 34-63

Effect of Somatotropin and Monensin on the Yield and Quality of Milk and Tallaga Cheese from Egyptian Buffaloes

S.A.H. Abo El-Nor, Mona A.M. Abd El-Gawad and M.H. Abd El-Salam

International Journal of Dairy Science 2 (1): 58-65, 2007

ASCI-ID: 37-35

Effect of Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzymes on Ruminal Fermentation and Gas Production by RUSITEC, in vitro Abomasum and Ileum Digestibility

Mohamed Abdalla Elsiddig Mohamed, Cao Yangchun, Bello Musa Bodinga, Zheng Lixin, Yang Zekun, Liu Lihui, Junhu Yao, Rab Nawaz Soomro, Imtiaz Hussain Raja Abbasi and Li Wen

International Journal of Pharmacology 13 (8): 1020-1028, 2017

ASCI-ID: 23-1209

Resource Use Efficiency of Broiler Enterprises in Cross River State, South Eastern Nigeria

E.A. Etuk, D.I. Agom, M.A. Isika and I.C. Idiong

International Journal of Poultry Science 6 (1): 23-26, 2007

ASCI-ID: 101-675

Feed Intake, Growth Performance and Nutrient Digestibility of Broiler Chicks Fed Diets Containing Varying Levels of Sorghum Dried Brewers' Grains

T.Z. Adama, S.A. Ogunbajo and M. Mambo

International Journal of Poultry Science 6 (8): 592-598, 2007

ASCI-ID: 101-916

A Study on the Comparative Performance of Different Breeds of Broiler Ducks Under Farmer`s Condition at Farming System Research and Development (FSRD) Site, Sylhet, Bangladesh

M.M. Bhuiyan, M.H. Khan, M.A.H. Khan, B.C. Das, N.S. Lucky and M.B. Uddin

International Journal of Poultry Science 4 (8): 596-599, 2005

ASCI-ID: 101-360

Effect of Intramuscular Ciprofloxacin on Feed Intake, Body Weight and Humoral Immune Response of Broiler Chicks

T. Porchezhian and N. Punniamurthy

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 1 (4): 194-196, 2006

ASCI-ID: 155-44

Effects of Feed Particle Size on the Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broilers

R. Ebrahimi, M. Bojar Pour and S. Mokhtar Zadeh

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 9 (10): 1482-1484, 2010

ASCI-ID: 156-2220

Propolis and Illite as Feed Additives on Performance and Blood Profiles of Post-Weaning Hanwoo Calves

M.S.K. Sarker and C.J. Yang

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 9 (21): 2704-2709, 2010

ASCI-ID: 156-2453

Effect of Flock Size on Fayoumi Layer Production

Nasir Rajput, Muhammad Ismail Rind and Rahmatullah Rind

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 4 (10): 842-844, 2005

ASCI-ID: 156-1339

The Effects of Dietary Raw and Heat-Treated Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) on Growth and Intestinal Histomorphometry of Pigs

Ekambaram Umapathy and Kennedy H. Erlwanger

Journal of Biological Sciences 8 (1): 74-80, 2008

ASCI-ID: 38-1595

Effect of Dietary Sources and Levels of Lipids onGrowth Performance and Feed Utilization of Fry Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.) (Teleostei: Perciformes)

Hany I. El-Marakby

Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 1 (2): 117-125, 2006

ASCI-ID: 54-20

Blood Cell Characteristics, Hematological Values and Average Daily Gained Weight of Thai Indigenous, Thai Indigenous Crossbred and Broiler Chickens

Chinrasri Orawan and W. Aengwanich

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10 (2): 302-309, 2007

ASCI-ID: 1-315

The Effect of Transfer Battery Brooded Broilers on Conventional Rice Husk Littered Floor on Production Performance

K.N. Islam, M.S. Islam, R. Sultana, A.B.M. Khaleduzzaman, P. Gain and S.M. Bulbul

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 7 (8): 1410-1413, 2004

ASCI-ID: 1-3241

Effect of Urea Molasses Straw (UMS) on the Performance of Steers (Local Zebu Cattle) with Supplementation of Wheat Bran

M.A. Baset, M.M. Rahman, M.L. Ali, A.S.M. Mahbub and M.N. Haque

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 5 (7): 807-808, 2002

ASCI-ID: 1-2439

Effect of Dietary Ascorbic Acid on Performance and Immune Response of Heat Stressed Broiler Chicks

Hind A.A. Elagib and H.M. Omer

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 11 (3): 216-220, 2012

ASCI-ID: 100-1586

Effect of Season and Dietary Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal on Growth Performance of the Pearl Guinea Fowl

Patrick Atta Poku Jr., James K. Kagya-Agyemang, Fritz R.K. Bonsu, William K.J. Kwenin and Clement Gyeabour Kyere

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 22 (1): 27-37, 2023

ASCI-ID: 100-2924

Evaluation of Feeding Graded Levels of Dried and Milled Ficus thonningii Leaves on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Organs of Weaner Rabbits

T.S.B. Tegbe, I.A. Adeyinka, K.D. Baye and J.P. Alawa

Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 5 (6): 548-550, 2006

ASCI-ID: 100-410

Effects of Organic Substrates on Development and Survival of Blattela germanica for Food and Feed in Kenya

V.M. Ngaira, R.O. Mosi, C.C. Wambui and F.O. Wayua

Research Journal of Animal Sciences 15 (3): 15-19, 2021

ASCI-ID: 172-166

Effects of Prosopis juliflora Seedpod Meal Supplement on Weight Gain of Weaner Galla Goats in Kenya

O.K. Koech, R.N. Kinuthia, R.G. Wahome and S.K. Choge

Research Journal of Animal Sciences 4 (2): 58-62, 2010

ASCI-ID: 172-86

SThe Effect of Using Excess Lysine on the Performance and Slaughter Characteristics of Broiler Chickens

Sayed Majid Hosseini, Sayed Mostafa Akbary, Naser Maheri-Sis and Afshar Mirzaei-Aghsaghali

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 4 (2): 143-147, 2009

ASCI-ID: 169-519

Central Injections of β-Endorphin Fragment Modulate theAnorexia by Insulin in Neonatal Chicks

Jun-ichi Shiraishi, Kouchi Yanagita and Takashi Bungo

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 5 (1): 64-67, 2010

ASCI-ID: 169-752

Nutritional Value of Alfalfa Varieties for Ruminants with Emphasis on Different Measuring Methods: A Review

A. Mirzaei-Aghsaghali, N. Maheri-Sis, A. Mirza-Aghazadeh, A.R. Safaei and A. Aghajanzadeh-Golshani

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (10): 1227-1241, 2008

ASCI-ID: 169-445

Effect of Short Term Food Deprivation and Re-Feeding on Growth, Feeding and Biochemical Body Composition in Sobaity Fish, Sparidentex hasta

Molayemraftar Taravat, Kochanian Preeta, Zakeri Mohammad, Yavari Vahid and Moosavi Seyed Mohammad

Veterinary Research 12 (2): 10-18, 2019

ASCI-ID: 178-127