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Body condition scoring method for the blue fox (Alopex lagopus)

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Smokers' beliefs about the inability to stop smoking

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Elevated BMI and illicit drug use are associated with decreased ability to inhibit prepotent behaviors

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How do obese people afford to be obese? Consumption strategies of Russian households

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The effects of nutritional labels on obesity

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Vascular disease and dementias: Paradigm shifts to drive research in new directions

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Adiponectin mRNA Expression in the Cat (Felis domesticus)

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Risk Factors for Wound Complications Following Abdominoplasty

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Ramadan Fasting Diet Entailed a Lipid Metabolic Disorder Among Type 2 Diabetic Obese Women

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Hypolidemic and Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Inhibitory Effect of Peristrophe bicalyculata (Retz.) Nees

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Biomedical Effects of Cinnamon Extract on Obesity and Diabetes Relevance in Wistar Rats

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Starch Blocking Stability of the Phaseolus vulgaris Alpha-Amylase Inhibitor (α-AI1)

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Regulation of Obesity and Lipid Disorders by Foeniculum vulgare Extracts and Plantago ovata in High-fat Diet-induced Obese Rats

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Anti-hyperglycaemic and Anti-obesity Effects of Capparis spinosa and Chamaemelum nobile Aqueous Extracts in HFD Mice

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Expression Studies of the Obesity Candidate Gene FTO in Pig

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Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa Supplementation on Renal Function and Lipidic Profile in Obese Rats

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Effect of Garcinia cambogia Leaf Meal Supplementation Level at Finisher Stage on Productivity and Juiciness of Male Ross 308 Broiler Chickens

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A Comparison of Metabolic Parameters Between Obese and Non-obese Healthy Domestic Dogs in Japan

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Effect of Calorie Restriction Supplemented with Genistein on Serum Levels of Glucose, Lipid Profile and Inflammatory Markers (Resistin and hsCRP) in Obese Rats

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The Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Stachytarpheta cayennensis Tea :Implications for the Management of Obesity and Hypertension

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Comparison of the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in 9-13 Year-old Children from Two Countries Using CDC and IOTF Reference Charts

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Relationship Between Body Composition and Musculoskeletal Fitness in Nigerian Children

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Physical Activity and Risk Factors of Cardio-metabolic Diseases in South African Children

Violet Kankane Moselakgomo and Marlise Van Staden

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Erythrocyte antioxidant defenses as a potential biomarker of liver mitochondrial status in different oxidative conditions

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A Ubiquitous Chronic Disease Care system using cellular phones and the internet

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Gestational diabetes mellitus in five ethnic groups: a comparison of their clinical characteristics

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Childhood obesity prevention: compelling challenge of the twenty-first century

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Prevalence of low birth weight and obesity in Central Iran

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Self-reported knowledge and pattern of physical activity among school students in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Taha A.Z.A.

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Healthy lifestyle habits among Greek university students: differences by sex and faculty of study

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Cardiovascular disease risk factors, metabolic syndrome and obesity in an Iranian population

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Anti-Obesity Effects of Extracts from Sulfur-Grain Maggot In Obesity Model Rats

Sang-Oh Park and Byung-Sung Park

International Journal of Pharmacology 11 (5): 414-422, 2015

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Review of the Roles of Health Professionals about the Use of Anorectics: A Narrative Review Article

Nam Ji Kwon and Eunyoung Han

International Journal of Pharmacology 13 (2): 218-226, 2017

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Anti-obesity and Anti-hepatosteatosis Effects of Dietary Zingiber officinale Extract in Male Obese Rats

Mashael Mohammed Bin-Meferij, Ali Abdullah Shati, Refaat Ali Eid and Attalla Farag El-kott

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Increased Risk and Severity of Pre-Eclampsia among Peri-Urban Women in Kinshasa Province, Democratic Republic of Congo: The Role of Nutritional Transition, Obesity and Dyslipidemia

Charles Bitamazire Businge, Benjamin Longo-Mbenza, Oladele Vincent Adeniyi, Victor Nzuzi Babeki, Achille Kitambala Kaboka, Moise Mvitu Muaka, Mireille Solange Nganga Nkanga, Christophe Masiala Tsobo, Roland Vangu, Emmanuel Mabiala Diambu and Daniel Ter Goon

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 12 (3): 29-34, 2017

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A Review of the Long-Term Outcomes of Sleeve Gastrectomy by Laparoscopic Method as a Way to Control Obesity

Mohammad Reza Asgary and Hosein Hemmati

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 11 (5): 182-185, 2016

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Emerging Obesity Threats among Women in India: Findings from a Population Based Survey

Praween Agrawal and Sutapa Agrawal

International Journal of Tropical Medicine 7 (5): 177-186, 2012

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Physiological Study of Lipoprotein Lipase Gene Pvu II Polymorphism in Cases of Obesity in Egypt

Ahmed Hendawy, Mansour Hasan, Rizk Elbaz, Ghada El-Kannishy, Saad Elshaer and Ahmed Settin

International Journal of Zoological Research 8 (2): 98-105, 2012

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Construction and Transfection of EGFP-N1-BDNF Expression Plasmid

Jianlong Wang, Xiaozhe Zhou, Xiaowei Xing, Yanliang Chen, Gangwen Guo, Jianfeng Sun, Qingshan Zhang and Minren Shen

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 (24): 4599-4602, 2012

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Pilot Study to Determine Peripheral Blood Leukocyte mRNA Expression Profile of Energy Homeostasis Genes to Identify Potential Predictive Biomarkers of Obesity in Dogs

Gebin Li, Peter Lee, Ichiro Yamamoto, Nobuko Mori and Toshiro Arai

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 12 (1): 69-75, 2013

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New Criteria for Canine Metabolic Syndrome in Japan

Koh Kawasumi, Tomoko Suzuki, Megumi Fujiwara, Nobuko Mori, Ichiro Yamamoto and Toshiro Arai

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 (21): 4005-4007, 2012

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Factor Analysis of Anthropometric, Physiometric and Metabolic Risk Traits Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases in North Indian Punjabi Adults

Badaruddoza, Kushal Gill and Preet Kamal Sandhu

Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (15): 2843-2848, 2011

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Camel Milk plus Atorvastatin Influence Lipid Profile and Body Weight in Hyperlipidemic Rats

Abdulgafar Olayiwola Jimoh, Abdulhameed Imam Tanko, Umar Muhammed Tukur, Shuaibu Abdullahi Hudu and Aminu Chika

Journal of Applied Sciences 22 (1): 22-32, 2022

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Contribution of Information and Communication Technology to the Prevalence of Obesity and Elevated Blood Pressure among Secondary School Students in Nigeria

R.A. Shehu, S.A. Onasanya, T.A. Oloyede and M. Kinta

Journal of Applied Sciences 10 (4): 359-362, 2010

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Constipation, Oxidative Stress in Obese Patients and their Impact on Cognitive Functions and Mood, the Role of Diet Modification and Foeniculum vulgare Supplementation

Yusr Mohamed Ibrahim Kazem, Maha Abdel-Moaty, Salwa Mostafa El Shebini, Nihad Hassan Ahmed, Suzanne Fouad and Salwa Tawfic Tapozada

Journal of Biological Sciences 17 (7): 312-319, 2017

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Prevalence of and Factors Associated with Overweight and Obesity among Jordan University Students

Ahmad A. Suleiman, Omar K. Alboqai, Nada Yasein, Jafar M. El-Qudah, Mo`ath F. Bataineh and Bayan A. Obeidat

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Relation Between Obesity, Cognition and Serum Amyloid β Protein Level and Potential Role of Foeniculum vulgare in Reducing Weight and Improving Cognitive Functions

Salwa Mostafa El Shebini, Maha Abdel-Moaty, Yusr Ibrahim Kazem, Nihad Hassan Ahmed, Suzanne Fouad, Magda Soliman Mohamed, Ahmed Mohamed Saied Hussein, Laila Mosad Hanna and Salwa Tawfic Tapozada

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Remnant-like particle cholesterol and serum amyloid A-low-density lipoprotein levels in obese subjects with metabolic syndrome

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Combined dyslipidemia in obese children: Response to a focused lifestyle approach

Rebecca E. Pratt, Rae-Ellen Kavey and Donna Quinzi

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Association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with cardiovascular risk factors in obese adolescents: The role of interdisciplinary therapy

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Nutritional Composition, Antioxidative and Inhibitory Effects Against Pancreatic Lipase, α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase of Lasia spinosa

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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13 (11 SI): 8898-8905, 2018

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Smart Way to Control Obesity using Telemedicine Method

C.R. Srinivasan, Sannidhya Navin, Tushar Verma and R. Srividya

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 14 (Supplementary 01): 8484-8489, 2019

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Study of Correlation of Obesity Indices and Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs Response, in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Saima Saud and S. Shahjahan

Journal of Medical Sciences 1 (5): 334-338, 2001

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Hypoadiponectinaemia in Egyptian Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus with Vascular Complications

Nagwa Abd EL-Ghaffar and Nehal Hamdy EL-Said

Journal of Medical Sciences 6 (4): 626-630, 2006

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Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Pentecostal Population in Kumasi-Ghana

W. K.B.A. Owiredu, M. S. Adamu, N. Amidu, E. Woode, V. Bam, J. Planger-Rhule and C. Opoku-Okrah

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Effects of ethanol extract from Saururus chinensis (Bour.) Baill on lipid and antioxidant metabolisms in rats fed a high-fat diet

Mi Hee Yu, Hyo Gwon Im, Ji-Won Lee, Mi-Hyang Hwang Bo, Hyun-Jeong Kim, Suk Kyung Kim, Shin Kyo Chung and In-Seon Lee

Natural Product Research Part A 22 (3): 275-283, 2008

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Prevalence and Impact of Weight Self Stigmatization on Type II Diabetes Glycemic and Cardiovascular Markers Control

Khaled A. Alswat, Reem Waslallah Alsuwat, Kholoud Metaeb Aljaed and Daif Allah M. Almalki

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 23 (10): 1285-1290, 2020

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The Impact of Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Levels on the Manifestation of Psychiatric Disorders

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Research Advances on Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 (SOCS3) in Animal Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism Processes

Wuyi Liu and Xin Wang

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 25 (12): 1100-1108, 2022

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Body Composition, its Significance and Models for Assessment

Amir Haider Shah and Rakhshanda Bilal

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Relationship between a Pro-thrombotic State and Anthropometric Parameters in Young Saudi Females: A Preliminary Study

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Factors That Affect Body Mass Index of Adults

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Health Consequences of Obesity and Overweight

J.F. Babalola

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Obestatin, obesity and diabetes

An-Jing Ren, Zhi-Fu Guo, Yang-Kai Wang, Li Lin, Xing Zheng and Wen-Jun Yuan

Peptides 30 (2): 439-444, 2009

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Complexity of neural mechanisms underlying overconsumption of sugar in scheduled feeding: Involvement of opioids, orexin, oxytocin and NPY

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Antihyperlipidemic activity of Ichnocarpus frutescens in triton WR-1339-induced and high-fat diet animals

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Pharmaceutical Biology 49 (10): 1074-1081, 2011

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Anti-obesity and Hypolipidemic Activity of Methanol Extract of Tecoma stans Flowers on Atherogenic Diet Induced Obesity in Rats

S. Kameshwaran, C. Jothimanivannan, R. Senthilkumar and A.R. Kothai

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Anti-obesity Potential of Potash Alum: Pharmacological and Biochemical Approach

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Metformin Treatment for Obesity in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-analysis and Review of Literature

Abdulrahman Alanazi MHSA

Pharmacologia 4 (8): 511-518, 2013

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Obesity in Adolescent Girls in North Jordan

Omer Turki Mamdoh Ershidat, Ayman Suliman Mazahreh and Jibreel Ejraed Alodat

Research Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (8): 404-406, 2013

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A Review of the Effects of Obesity on Pregnancy and Childbirth

Z. Karimian and N. Bahrami

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 15 (4): 89-93, 2020

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Effects of Leptin, Diet and Various Exercises on the Obesity

Mehmet Goral

Research Journal of Biological Sciences 3 (11): 1356-1364, 2008

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Obesity and Food Habits of Women in, East Azarbaijan, Iran

F. Zargari and F. Zargari

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Survival Analysis: Mortality Risk Associated with Overweight and Obesity

N. Hosseinioun

Research Journal of Medical Sciences 11 (3): 125-129, 2017

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Association of Brachial Artery Flow Mediated Dilation with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Prehypertensive Patients

Laith A. Aldabbagh

Research Journal of Medical Sciences 10 (6): 551-556, 2016

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Iranian Women Life Style: A Cross Sectional Study the West of Iran based on Findings of SABA Project (Iranian Women Health Project)

Farzad Jalilian, Mohammad Ismail Motlagh, Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh, Motahareh Allameh, Behzad Karami-Matin, Farid Najafi, Behrooz Hamzeh and Mohammad Mahboubi

Research Journal of Medical Sciences 10 (5): 438-442, 2016

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Effects of Piper sarmentosum (Kaduk) Water Extract on Adiponectin and Blood Glucose Levels in Ovariectomy-Induced Obese Rats

A. Aida Azlina, S. Farihah, M.S. Qodriyah and M.F. Nur Azlina

Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 3 (3): 109-115, 2009

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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus-Induced Hyperglycemia in Patients with NAFLD and Normal LFTs: Relationship to Lipid Profile, Oxidative Stress and Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines

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A Framework for the Concurrent Consideration of Occupational Hazards and Obesity

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Study on the Relation Between BMI and Degree of Coronary Artery Obstruction

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The Cardiology 4 (1): 1-3, 2008

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Correlation between Obesity towards Physical Fitness based on Health among Students in Three Categories of A Primary School in Zone Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Mohd Firdaus Abdullah and M. Nasrun Mastor

The Social Sciences 12 (9): 1494-1501, 2017

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Effect of Obesity on Cognitive Performance in Egyptian School-Age Children

Shereen Ali Ameen and Faten Hassan Abdelazeim

Trends in Applied Sciences Research 10 (3): 166-174, 2015

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Curcumin Intake Could Lower Serum Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor and Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 Levels in Obese Subjects

Nagwa Abdallah Ismail, Soha M. Abd El Dayem, Mona Hamed, Dina F. Ayoub, Eman Mahmoud Hassan and Heba Assal

Trends in Medical Research 11 (2): 82-87, 2016

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Assessment of Differences on Inflammatory and Metabolic Indicators between Pre- and Post-Menopause Women among Hypertensive and/or Diabetic Patients

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Association between Immune Competence and Metabolic Parameters in Obesity

Hala Abd El-Hafez and Sherin M. Abd El-Aziz

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Body fat, dyslipidemia, blood pressure and the effects of smoking in Germans and Turks

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The role of ultrasonographic hepatic artery resistive index in the diagnosis of insulin resistance in obese children with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

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Relation of total homocysteine level with metabolic and anthropometric variables in obese children and adolescents

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