Articles by J Lee (15)

Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MRI Versus Triple-Phase MDCT for the Preoperative Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

S. H Kim, J Lee, M. J Kim, Y. H Jeon, Y Park, D Choi, W. J Lee and H. K. Lim

American Journal of Roentgenology 192 ( 6 ): 1675 - 1681 , 2009

Functional Neuroanatomy of Visual Masking Deficits in Schizophrenia

M. F Green, J Lee, M. S Cohen, S. A Engel, A. S Korb, K. H Nuechterlein, J. K Wynn and D. C. Glahn

Archives of General Psychiatry 66 ( 12 ): 1295 - 1303 , 2009

Dose-related attenuation of cardiovascular responses to tracheal intubation by intravenous remifentanil bolus in severe pre-eclamptic patients undergoing Caesarean delivery

B. Y Park, C. W Jeong, E. A Jang, S. J Kim, S. T Jeong, M. H Shin, J Lee and K. Y. Yoo

BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia 106 ( 1 ): 82 - 87 , 2011

Withaferin A inhibits activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 in human breast cancer cells

J Lee, E. R Hahm and S. V. Singh

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 11 ): 1991 - 1998 , 2010

A Phase-Based Approach for On-Chip Bus Architecture Optimization

J Lee, H. J Lee and C. Lee

Computer Journal 52 ( 6 ): 626 - 645 , 2009

Stromal regulation of vessel stability by MMP14 and TGF{beta}

N. E Sounni, K Dehne, L van Kempen, M Egeblad, N. I Affara, I Cuevas, J Wiesen, S Junankar, L Korets, J Lee, J Shen, C. J Morrison, C. M Overall, S. M Krane, Z Werb, N Boudreau and L. M. Coussens

Disease Models and Mechanisms 3 ( 5-6 ): 317 - 332 , 2010

The consensus coding sequence (CCDS) project: Identifying a common protein-coding gene set for the human and mouse genomes

K. D Pruitt, J Harrow, R. A Harte, C Wallin, M Diekhans, D. R Maglott, S Searle, C. M Farrell, J. E Loveland, B. J Ruef, E Hart, M. M Suner, M. J Landrum, B Aken, S Ayling, R Baertsch, J Fernandez Banet, J. L Cherry, V Curwen, M DiCuccio, M Kellis, J Lee, M. F Lin, M Schuster, A Shkeda, C Amid, G Brown, O Dukhanina, A Frankish, J Hart, B. L Maidak, J Mudge, M. R Murphy, T Murphy, J Rajan, B Rajput, L. D Riddick, C Snow, C Steward, D Webb, J. A Weber, L Wilming, W Wu, E Birney, D Haussler, T Hubbard, J Ostell, R Durbin and D. Lipman

Genome Research 19 ( 7 ): 1316 - 1323 , 2009

The Efficacy of the Frontline Platinum-based Combination Chemotherapy in Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma

S. T Kim, J. Y Park, J Lee, J. O Park, Y. S Park, H. Y Lim, W. K Kang and S. H. Park

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 11 ): 1031 - 1036 , 2010

Kangaroo Care on Premature Infant Growth and Maternal Attachment and Post-partum Depression in South Korea

H. Y Ahn, J Lee and H. J. Shin

Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 56 ( 5 ): 342 - 344 , 2010