Articles by J Jiang (8)

Human Elongator complex is involved in cell cycle and suppresses cell growth in 293T human embryonic kidney cells

J Gu, D Sun, Q Zheng, X Wang, H Yang, J Miao, J Jiang and W. Wei

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 10 ): 831 - 838 , 2009

miR-20a promotes proliferation and invasion by targeting APP in human ovarian cancer cells

X Fan, Y Liu, J Jiang, Z Ma, H Wu, T Liu, M Liu, X Li and H. Tang

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 42 ( 5 ): 318 - 324 , 2010

The Recovery Time Course of the Endothelial Cell Glycocalyx In Vivo and Its Implications In Vitro

D. R Potter, J Jiang and E. R. Damiano

Circulation Research 104 ( 11 ): 1318 - 1325 , 2009

Association of SRD5A2 Variants and Serum Androstane-3{alpha},17{beta}-Diol Glucuronide Concentration in Chinese Elderly Men

J Jiang, N. L. S Tang, C Ohlsson, A. L Eriksson, L Vandenput, C Liao, X Wang, F. W. K Chan, A Kwok, E Orwoll, T. C. Y Kwok, J Woo and P. C. Leung

Clinical Chemistry 56 ( 11 ): 1742 - 1749 , 2010

A Phase II Study of Paclitaxel and Nedaplatin as First-line Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Esophageal Cancer

W Cao, C Xu, G Lou, J Jiang, S Zhao, M Geng, W Xi, H Li and Y. Jin

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 9 ): 582 - 587 , 2009

Deletion of IGF-I Receptor (IGF-IR) in Primary Osteoblasts Reduces GH-Induced STAT5 Signaling

Y Gan, Y Zhang, D. J DiGirolamo, J Jiang, X Wang, X Cao, K. R Zinn, D. P Carbone, T. L Clemens and S. J. Frank

Molecular Endocrinology 24 ( 3 ): 644 - 656 , 2010

CDK11p58 Phosphorylation of PAK1 Ser174 Promotes DLC2 Binding and Roles on Cell Cycle Progression

X Kong, H Gan, Y Hao, C Cheng, J Jiang, Y Hong, J Yang, H Zhu, Y Chi, X Yun and J. Gu

The Journal of Biochemistry 146 ( 3 ): 417 - 427 , 2009

Peroxidase Mechanism of Lipid-dependent Cross-linking of Synuclein with Cytochrome c: PROTECTION AGAINST APOPTOSIS VERSUS DELAYED OXIDATIVE STRESS IN PARKINSON DISEASE

H Bayir, A. A Kapralov, J Jiang, Z Huang, Y. Y Tyurina, V. A Tyurin, Q Zhao, N. A Belikova, I. I Vlasova, A Maeda, J Zhu, H. M Na, P. G Mastroberardino, L. J Sparvero, A. A Amoscato, C. T Chu, J. T Greenamyre and V. E. Kagan

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 ( 23 ): 15951 - 15969 , 2009