Articles by Z Li (19)

RanBPM is an acetylcholinesterase-interacting protein that translocates into the nucleus during apoptosis

X Gong, W Ye, H Zhou, X Ren, Z Li, W Zhou, J Wu, Y Gong, Q Ouyang, X Zhao and X. Zhang

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 11 ): 883 - 891 , 2009

A non-viral vector for potential DMD gene therapy study by targeting a minidystrophin-GFP fusion gene into the hrDNA locus

J Yang, X Liu, J Yu, L Sheng, Y Shi, Z Li, Y Hu, J Xue, L Wu, Y Liang, J Xia and D. Liang

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 12 ): 1053 - 1060 , 2009

Fatty acids induce amylin expression and secretion by pancreatic {beta}-cells

D Qi, K Cai, O Wang, Z Li, J Chen, B Deng, L Qian and Y. Le

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 298 ( 1 ): 99 - 107 , 2010

Plasma lipoproteins are required for both basal and stress-induced adrenal glucocorticoid synthesis and protection against endotoxemia in mice

M Hoekstra, S. J. A Korporaal, Z Li, Y Zhao, M Van Eck and T. J. C. Van Berkel

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 299 ( 6 ): 1038 - 1043 , 2010

Sphingomyelin Synthase 2 Is One of the Determinants for Plasma and Liver Sphingomyelin Levels in Mice

J Liu, H Zhang, Z Li, T. K Hailemariam, M Chakraborty, K Jiang, D Qiu, H. H Bui, D. A Peake, M. S Kuo, R Wadgaonkar, G Cao and X. C. Jiang

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 29 ( 6 ): 850 - 856 , 2009

Differentiation of Malignant B-Lymphoma Cells from Normal and Activated T-Cell Populations by Their Intrinsic Autofluorescence

S. M Pantanelli, Z Li, R Fariss, S. P Mahesh, B Liu and R. B. Nussenblatt

Cancer Research 69 ( 11 ): 4911 - 4917 , 2009

FTY720 Stimulates 27-Hydroxycholesterol Production and Confers Atheroprotective Effects in Human Primary Macrophages

T Blom, N Back, A. L Mutka, R Bittman, Z Li, A de Lera, P. T Kovanen, U Diczfalusy and E. Ikonen

Circulation Research 106 ( 4 ): 720 - 729 , 2010

miR-449a and miR-449b are direct transcriptional targets of E2F1 and negatively regulate pRb-E2F1 activity through a feedback loop by targeting CDK6 and CDC25A

X Yang, M Feng, X Jiang, Z Wu, Z Li, M Aau and Q. Yu

Genes & Development 23 ( 20 ): 2388 - 2393 , 2009

miR-125b-2 is a potential oncomiR on human chromosome 21 in megakaryoblastic leukemia

J. H Klusmann, Z Li, K Bohmer, A Maroz, M. L Koch, S Emmrich, F. J Godinho, S. H Orkin and D. Reinhardt

Genes & Development 24 ( 5 ): 478 - 490 , 2010

Genome-wide mapping of SMAD target genes reveals the role of BMP signaling in embryonic stem cell fate determination

T Fei, K Xia, Z Li, B Zhou, S Zhu, H Chen, J Zhang, Z Chen, H Xiao, J. D. J Han and Y. G. Chen

Genome Research 20 ( 1 ): 36 - 44 , 2010

Rapid identification of heterozygous mutations in Drosophila melanogaster using genomic capture sequencing

H Wang, A Chattopadhyay, Z Li, B Daines, Y Li, C Gao, R Gibbs, K Zhang and R. Chen

Genome Research 20 ( 7 ): 981 - 988 , 2010

Induction Chemotherapy with Nedaplatin with 5-FU Followed by Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy Concurrent with Chemotherapy for Locoregionally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

J Zheng, G Wang, G. Y Yang, D Wang, X Luo, C Chen, Z Zhang, Q Li, W Xu, Z Li and D. Wang

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 40 ( 5 ): 425 - 431 , 2010

Evaluation of imaging plates as recording medium for images of negatively stained single particles and electron diffraction patterns of two-dimensional crystals

Z Li, R. K Hite, Y Cheng and T. Walz

Journal of Electron Microscopy 59 ( 1 ): 53 - 63 , 2010

Superoxide scavenging and Akt inhibition in myocardium ameliorate pressure overload-induced NF-{kappa}B activation and cardiac hypertrophy

S. D Hingtgen, Z Li, W Kutschke, X Tian, R. V Sharma and R. L. Davisson

Physiological Genomics 41 ( 2 ): 127 - 136 , 2010

Biological Functions of miR-29b Contribute to Positive Regulation of Osteoblast Differentiation

Z Li, M. Q Hassan, M Jafferji, R. I Aqeilan, R Garzon, C. M Croce, A. J van Wijnen, J. L Stein, G. S Stein and J. B. Lian

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 ( 23 ): 15676 - 15684 , 2009

Ribosome stalk assembly requires the dual-specificity phosphatase Yvh1 for the exchange of Mrt4 with P0

K. Y Lo, Z Li, F Wang, E. M Marcotte and A. W. Johnson

The Journal of Cell Biology 186 ( 6 ): 849 - 862 , 2009

Integrating high-throughput genetic interaction mapping and high-content screening to explore yeast spindle morphogenesis

F. J Vizeacoumar, N van Dyk, F S.Vizeacoumar, V Cheung, J Li, Y Sydorskyy, N Case, Z Li, A Datti, C Nislow, B Raught, Z Zhang, B Frey, K Bloom, C Boone and B. J. Andrews

The Journal of Cell Biology 188 ( 1 ): 69 - 81 , 2010

The conserved oligomeric Golgi complex is involved in double-membrane vesicle formation during autophagy

W. L Yen, T Shintani, U Nair, Y Cao, B. C Richardson, Z Li, F. M Hughson, M Baba and D. J. Klionsky

The Journal of Cell Biology 188 ( 1 ): 101 - 114 , 2010

A Computational Model of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Male Fathead Minnows Exposed to 17{alpha}-Ethinylestradiol and 17{beta}-Estradiol

K. H Watanabe, Z Li, K. J Kroll, D. L Villeneuve, N Garcia Reyero, E. F Orlando, M. S Sepulveda, T. W Collette, D. R Ekman, G. T Ankley and N. D. Denslow

Toxicological Sciences 109 ( 2 ): 180 - 192 , 2009