Articles by H Chen (21)

Marek's disease virus VP22 enhances potentially the immune response of ESAT-6/CFP-10 against Mycobacterium bovis infection

H Chen, W Wang, C Song, S Yu and C. Ding

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 42 ( 5 ): 337 - 344 , 2010

Comparison between surrogate indexes of insulin sensitivity/resistance and hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp estimates in rats

R Muniyappa, H Chen, R. H Muzumdar, F. H Einstein, X Yan, L. Q Yue, N Barzilai and M. J. Quon

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 5 ): 1023 - 1029 , 2009

Simple modeling allows prediction of steady-state glucose disposal rate from early data in hyperinsulinemic glucose clamps

P Singal, R Muniyappa, R Chisholm, G Hall, H Chen, M. J Quon and K. J. Mather

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 298 ( 2 ): 229 - 236 , 2010

A Placebo-Controlled Trial of Phenelzine, Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy, and Their Combination for Social Anxiety Disorder

C Blanco, R. G Heimberg, F. R Schneier, D. M Fresco, H Chen, C. L Turk, D Vermes, B. A Erwin, A. B Schmidt, H. R Juster, R Campeas and M. R. Liebowitz

Archives of General Psychiatry 67 ( 3 ): 286 - 295 , 2010

PAPER: The Effectiveness of Radioguided Parathyroidectomy in Patients With Negative Technetium Tc 99m-Sestamibi Scans

H Chen, R. S Sippel and S. Schaefer

Archives of Surgery 144 ( 7 ): 643 - 648 , 2009

Dynamic functional reorganization of the motor execution network after stroke

L Wang, C Yu, H Chen, W Qin, Y He, F Fan, Y Zhang, M Wang, K Li, Y Zang, T. S Woodward and C. Zhu

Brain 133 ( 4 ): 1224 - 1238 , 2010

Dual role of Ski in pancreatic cancer cells: tumor-promoting versus metastasis-suppressive function

P Wang, Z Chen, Z. Q Meng, J Fan, J. M Luo, W Liang, J. H Lin, Z. H Zhou, H Chen, K Wang, Y. H Shen, Z. D Xu and L. M. Liu

Carcinogenesis 30 ( 9 ): 1497 - 1506 , 2009

A variant in the CHEK2 promoter at a methylation site relieves transcriptional repression and confers reduced risk of lung cancer

S Zhang, J Lu, X Zhao, W Wu, H Wang, Q Wu, X Chen, W Fan, H Chen, F Wang, Z Hu, L Jin, Q Wei, H Shen, W Huang and D. Lu

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 7 ): 1251 - 1258 , 2010

Hypoxia and nickel inhibit histone demethylase JMJD1A and repress Spry2 expression in human bronchial epithelial BEAS-2B cells

H Chen, T Kluz, R Zhang and M. Costa

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 12 ): 2136 - 2144 , 2010

Dissecting transcription regulatory pathways through a new bacterial one-hybrid reporter system

M Guo, H Feng, J Zhang, W Wang, Y Wang, Y Li, C Gao, H Chen, Y Feng and Z. G. He

Genome Research 19 ( 7 ): 1301 - 1308 , 2009

Genome-wide mapping of SMAD target genes reveals the role of BMP signaling in embryonic stem cell fate determination

T Fei, K Xia, Z Li, B Zhou, S Zhu, H Chen, J Zhang, Z Chen, H Xiao, J. D. J Han and Y. G. Chen

Genome Research 20 ( 1 ): 36 - 44 , 2010

Population differentiation as a test for selective sweeps

H Chen, N Patterson and D. Reich

Genome Research 20 ( 3 ): 393 - 402 , 2010

Characterization of a canola C2 domain gene that interacts with PG, an effector of the necrotrophic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

X Wang, Q Li, X Niu, H Chen, L Xu and C. Qi

Journal of Experimental Botany 60 ( 9 ): 2613 - 2620 , 2009

Cyanobacteria and microcystin-LR in a complex lake system representing a range in trophic status: Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

H Chen, J. M Burke, T Mosindy, P. M Fedorak and E. E. Prepas

Journal of Plankton Research 31 ( 9 ): 993 - 1008 , 2009

Comparative Transcriptional Profiling and Preliminary Study on Heterosis Mechanism of Super-Hybrid Rice

G. S Song, H. L Zhai, Y. G Peng, L Zhang, G Wei, X. Y Chen, Y. G Xiao, L Wang, Y. J Chen, B Wu, B Chen, Y Zhang, H Chen, X. J Feng, W. K Gong, Y Liu, Z. J Yin, F Wang, G. Z Liu, H. L Xu, X. L Wei, X. L Zhao, P. B. F Ouwerkerk, T Hankemeier, T Reijmers, R. v. d Heijden, C. M Lu, M Wang, J. v. d Greef and Z. Zhu

Molecular Plant 3 ( 6 ): 1012 - 1025 , 2010

Effects of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) polymorphisms on cancer: a meta-analysis

Y Zhong, Y Huang, T Zhang, C Ma, S Zhang, W Fan, H Chen, J Qian and D. Lu

Mutagenesis 25 ( 1 ): 83 - 95 , 2010

Sub-AQUA: real-value quality assessment of protein structure models

Y. D Yang, P Spratt, H Chen, C Park and D. Kihara

Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 23 ( 8 ): 617 - 632 , 2010

Entrepreneurial Finance and Nondiversifiable Risk

H Chen, J Miao and N. Wang

Review of Financial Studies 23 ( 12 ): 4348 - 4388 , 2010

Epidermal growth factor inhibits intestinal NHE8 expression via reducing its basal transcription

H Xu, B Zhang, J Li, H Chen, J Tooley and F. K. Ghishan

The American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology 299 ( 1 ): 51 - 57 , 2010

Effect of hypernatremia on injury caused by energy deficiency: role of T-type Ca2+ channel

V Pastukh, H Chen, S Wu, C. J Jong, M Alexeyev and S. W. Schaffer

The American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology 299 ( 2 ): 289 - 297 , 2010

Identification and characterization of the promoter of human ATF5 gene

Y Wei, Y Ge, F Zhou, H Chen, C Cui, D Liu, Z Yang, G Wu, J Gu and J. Jiang

The Journal of Biochemistry 148 ( 2 ): 171 - 178 , 2010